April 21st, 2011


If you could live in the world of a particular book or film, which would it be?

Hmmm... probably Ian M Banks 'Culture'. A techno-enabled anarchistic transhuman star empire? Yes please. Immortality, boundless technology, the ability to go wherever and do whatever you want - essentially.

Most worlds from books or novels are set up to be 'interesting' which means lots of conflict and trouble. That's not a place you'd want to live in. While Banks' books cover 'flashpoints' of trouble they are exceptional circumstances in a universe that by and large is pretty damn awesome.

I'm not so enamoured of fantasy that I'm willing to move to a world without indoor plumbing and proper medicine, nor does the idea of a galactic war appeal since I know that I'd be next to useless in such situations. Bumming around the galaxy as a tourist however... that appeals.