April 20th, 2011


The Perfect Game

If you could make your dream computer game/RPG/board game, what would it be? Describe it. Reality is no barrier.

An MMO based around colonisation of a new planet with the following features:
  • A community that wasn't dominated by dickheads.
  • Where you could have a genuine impact on the world.
  • Where almost everything was crafted.
  • Where the world was dynamic and responsive to player's actions/despoilment.
  • That had GM led/operated events.
  • Based on a standard, but perhaps lower than normal, subscription option.
  • That wasn't a WoW clone.
  • That had no pretensions about outdoing WoW and was targetted at its own niche.
  • No classes/levels.
You would arrive on this new planet with some basic items and exchange credits and you could take off in any direction and do anything you wanted. Almost like a bigger, slower, more complex 'Minecraft' in a way.