April 16th, 2011


Eclipse Phase Character Diary

My name is Jon Darrow.

I used to write science-fiction stories during that tricky period when reality was out-accelerating our imagination. As fast as we could come up with concepts and applications of bleeding-edge science engineers and scientists would conquer them and move on. It was a dying form of fiction but a growing form of speculation. We had become weathermen, economists, prognosticists, shaman even. Trying to navigate the waters of possibility that stretched before us and deal with the social issues before they came along.

I lead a good life. I sold a lot of books. I became something of an internet guru. I guested at conventions, I consulted on social and technology issues, films and games were made of my books and I made a pile of money. I never married, I don't know what happened to the children I had from the relationships I had. I grew old and fat, my indulgences caught up with me and eventually there was no option left but to die.
In a wild throw of the dice, a gamble on the future, I paid good money to have my head cut off and frozen with cutting edge technology. Hedging against the idea that someone would resurrect me in the future.
I'm told my head was taken and interred in a facility on The Moon.
I'm told that it wasn't 'economically viable' to resurrect me for some time and then 'The Fall' happened. So I languished. A dead severed head in a pool of liquid nitrogen for... well, nobody really knows how long.
Then I woke up in the future.
I woke up young and virile, bright eyed and bushy tailed into one of my novels.
The future is strange and terrible and beautiful, it is terrifying and exciting, it is not - quite - what we imagined. It is neither dystopian nor utopian. We have not overcome our social ills, we are still human - and others - we just have greater capability.
Firewall tell me that they value me for my outlook, my experience in extrapolation. They worked out who I was from fragmentary records and saw fit to bring me back. I am not about to argue. I'm a temporal tourist here and they're paying my way. If I can help, then I can 'stay' longer and I can experience more and even the horrors make me smile.
In my time I explored the universe from a computer in my office. Now the universe is really there to be explored.
I'll take it.