April 5th, 2011


Describe one thing you've always wanted to be, but never have been, passionate about.

I am not and never will be passionate about conventional fine art.

Here and there I find pieces that I like for one reason or another but they're typically, atypical. Hogarth is fun - for example - but Constable and his ilk leave me cold. Religious iconography I find incredibly dull, the Medieval/Renaissance equivalent of every picture being sponsored by and having to depict Coke or Pepsi. Dullsville.

It's not until you get to the Surrealists or Pop Art that I start getting interested. I guess my visual palette is just much more tuned to the illustrative and the bizarre than it is to landscapes or portraiture. That said many of the more modern abstract works leave me just as cold as the English landscapes.

I'd much rather settle in with a Paper Tiger fantasy art book most of the time.

That said I wish I was more into fine art because there's a lot of interesting stories attached to the painters and the paintings. Artists tend to be interesting people and it makes for good conversation with people. There's this snobbish divide, similar to that between Literature and Genre Fiction though and, once again, I tend to fall into the genre side.