April 3rd, 2011


Ethical Egoism

 What do I think about it?

As the basis behind 'Libertarian' jibber-jabber, Randroid nonsense and secular Satanism I tend to think it's a load of old tosh, a way to justify intense selfishness and incipient sociopathy behind a thin veil of psycho-babble and self-justification.

Ethical Altruism would be more in line with my feelings but you can find some crossover in that I consider it to be in all our own best interests to be altruistic and to find common cause with each other. Indeed that appears to be a huge factor in the evolutionary success of humankind as a species.

I consider there to be two kinds of oppositional freedom. Freedom from and freedom to. The one necessarily impinges in the other. The more things I am to be free from the less things you (or I) are free to do but freedom from necessarily grands the greatest overall freedom to the greatest number of people while still allowing limited freedom to. So on that basis appears to be the superior moral and ethical choice.