March 30th, 2011


What is the most disgusting thing that also appeals or fascinates?

I am fascinated by people's peculiar sexual peccadilloes and the extremities thereof. Much of it is boggling, disgusting (to me) and vomitous (to me) but the existence and development of strange fetishes, how they come about, what they are and - in some cases - what the HELL they have to do with sex are spellbinding. I wonder, frankly, how many of these twistings come about and so it fascinates me, while at the same time horrifying me all too often.

Mr Ellis' 'Don't Look!' and 'Conan, what is best in life?' assaults on my brain and peepers being prime examples. You cannot help but look (ARSE EELS!) and whatever that is, it's not what is best in life... (Bifurcated cock? How do you pee!)