March 25th, 2011

just me

A new month's worth of topics

I'd like some suggestions for me to write about on my company blog too, but those'll have to wait until after the Tsunami appeal is over.

1. Describe something that made you so happy or excited that you struggled to breathe.
2. What is the most disgusting thing that also appeals or fascinates?
3. Pure eastern philosophies often fall outside religious connotation. Which appeal to you, if any?
4. What catalyzed your venture into the alternative, assuming you're there?
5. What does alternative mean to you, socially speaking?
6. What's your take on ethical egoism?
7. How about solipsism?
8. Describe one thing you've always wanted to be, but never have been, passionate about.
9. What characteristics draw attention/affection offline/online? Differences?
10. What's one nonessential you could do every day for the rest of your life without resentment?
11. Comfort food: What do you do, watch, read, consume to make things better again?
12. One place or person you never want in your life again, and why.
13. Describe an idyllic mental haven where you feel safe.
14. Describe the ultimate comic hero version of you.
15. What was the most disturbing thing you saw before the age of twelve?
16. Something you like, that you shouldn't.
17. What did you do before the Internet?
18. What sort of world do you think our children will grow up into?
19. Ever wish you were/weren't religious? Why/Why not?
20. What's the unforgivable 'sin' so far as you're concerned?
21. Do you have any recurring dreams?
22. What's something great that you can cook? Give the recipe.
23. How do you stay motivated to do things?
24. If you could make your dream computer game/RPG/board game, what would it be? Describe it. Reality is no barrier.
25. If you could live in the world of a particular book or film, which would it be?
26. Will humanity ever be united?
27. What's more important to you, ethics or value? Fair trade or cheap?
28. Where did you think you'd be at this point in your life? Where did you hope you'd be?
29. Spend an imaginary million pounds.
30. Are friends the new family, or not?