March 18th, 2011


30 day challenge Number 26 - Attraction

 What kind of person attracts me?

Looking back over my romantic history, such as it is, there is no common thread I can point at between the young ladies I've stepped out with or wished to have stepped out with.

I appear to have no particular 'type' in terms of body shape, secondary sexual characteristics, height or lack thereof, hair colour, personality, intellect or lack thereof, or anything else I can put a finger on.

When my hormones were just starting to putter into life I liked blonde girls, but that was pretty much because that was the accepted standard of beauty. Nothing to do with any personal taste - which hadn't developed yet. Later on in adolescent desperation the only criteria that was really needed was that they liked me, nothing else mattered really.

I've liked buxom and boyish, tall and short, nice and nasty, selfish and altruistic, busty and flat, curvy and railed, women of all racial types, intelligence and interests, bitches and angels.

The only unifying factor I can really think of is that most of them have been bad for me or 'damaged' in some way.

Still... married 10 years yesterday, so I must have got something right in the end.