March 12th, 2011

Drop bears

30 day challenge - Number 20 - Education

'How important do you think education is?' - The challenge asks.

'Very' - is a succinct answer but doesn't really tell anyone much.


I think education is very, very important. Not only for the beastly political/economic reasons of providing a skilled workforce but also an important thing in and of itself encouraging understanding, inquisitiveness, the ability to express oneself and knowledge about history, the world, art, literature etc that leads to a more whole and - I think - satisfying life. It also means a more intelligent and knowledgeable populace who are more capable of engaging in informed decision making and smelling a rat when they're blind-sided.

The transatlantic anti-intellectualism and disdain for education worries me. People seem to be revelling in their ignorance and stupidity and it's not cool to 'know stuff' unless you're Stephen Fry.

For shame.