March 7th, 2011


30 day challenge Number 15 - Your favourite X

Where X was originally Tumblr's, which I don't frequent.

So what to substitute? Twitter accounts? Livejournals? Blogs? Websites?


Sites I actually regularly visit I suppose then... let's make it a top-ten.

1. Sinfest - Never miss this webcomic which is cutesy and traditional looking and then BAM hits you with cool stuff.
2. Questionable Content - Hipster/Indie soap-opera comic that somehow manages to still entertain me. Probably because we used to be these people.
3. Bad Machinery - Been following this chap's work since Bobbins. Very British, characters I've now known for years. Tackleford is a good place to spend part of your morning.
4. Penny-Arcade - Consistently good for years and, as well as being good comics, a good finger on the pulse of video games and a source for news both obscure and mainstream relating to that sphere.
5. Wikipedia - Absolutely invaluable resource, I'm on it every day - but ALWAYS check the references.
6. BBC News - All the news without any of the vacuous smiling and you don't HAVE to listen to the sports/business reports. Also the more interesting stories turn up here that don't make the main news.
7. SLA Forum - I'm not much of one for forums any more, but I enjoy this one.
8. RPGNOW - I check every day both for an idea of how my sales are doing and to see if there's any new clipart I can use.
9. 4Chan - If there's a better way to check out the current online cultural zeitgeist and meme of the day, I don't know it. If only it wasn't so unremittingly foul.
10. Facebook - Pretty much only for the flash games... status updates just happen to be the same ones I fire off through twitter but a flash game is good for keeping the brain ticking over while you're trying to think.