March 2nd, 2011


30 day challenger - Number 10 - First love/first kiss

Tricky one this... where does one start? Puppy love? Kiss chase? First real epic love? When you first thought you were in love or when you know you were?

Hard to define a starting point.

I guess my first kiss was when I was ambushed by a little girl at her birthday party when we were both quite little. She'd taken a shine to me for some reason but her amorous assault led to me bursting into tears and wanting to go home. Some might say this has formed a pattern for my later romantic entanglements as they all seemed to end with me in tears and running away :P

First love?
Much trickier one. I tended to have crushes on little blonde girls at primary school, but I suppose that doesn't count really. Secondary school wasn't too successful either on that score, a few crushes but nothing that came to anything, a girlfriend - briefly - in London that ended in total disaster.

I have been genuinely in love... eight times.
  • Two fully reciprocated.
  • Four reciprocated but inconvenient.
  • Two unrequited.
Despite being married I still 'fall in love' at least twice a day for about five minutes. I suppose I'm a weird combination of cynic and romantic.