February 28th, 2011


30 Day Challenge Number 8 - Moment of satisfaction

Barring the obvious and facile answer of 'In the thirty seconds between orgasm and feeling horny again' this requires some genuine thought. You're satisfied - I suppose - when every level of your 'Hierarchy of needs' has been met, good ol' Maslow.

I reject the concept of 'spiritual' needs - in part because 'spiritual' is so poorly defined so that leaves me with...
  • Physiological needs.
  • Safety/Security needs.
  • Social needs - belonging, acceptance, love.
  • Esteem needs - recognition, esteem, respect.
  • And the poorly defined 'self actualisation', which I'll take to mean confidence in self, realism, self-knowledge.
It is of course, just possible that I'm over-thinking this...

Given these criteria, my top 10 moments of satisfaction in no particular order...
  1. Winning the Origin award for Munchkin's Guide, written with Steve. Albeit by proxy.
  2. Wedding day (hackneyed but true).
  3. Standing in front of a mirror, my arms around the woman I loved, her pressing back against me and saying we looked good together.
  4. Sitting on a sofa in the wee-small hours confiding in a friend, the only ones awake in the house.
  5. An Indian meal at a good restaurant surrounded by my friends on my birthday.
  6. That moment when you finish one project and send it off before starting on the next.
  7. Leaving secondary school for the last time.
  8. Bringing Charlie home as a kitten.
  9. First night in the house which was ours, rather than rented.
  10. Too many times to mention when some bastard/bitch who has wronged me has gotten their comeuppance.

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