February 27th, 2011


30 Day Challenge Number 7 - Your Star Sign

I'm either Ophucious, or Sagitarrius and, frankly, that whole issue kind of makes the point for me.

Astrology is bullshit.

Clearly, obviously, bullshit.

Whether you're talking about the newspaper stuff or the exacting and convoluted 'full on' astrology, it's just nonsense. Other than some very broad sociological effects when you're born has bugger all effect on you, certainly not based on arbitrary collections of distant stars or the negligible gravitic influence of planets.

Ophucious is supposed to mean:

Seeker of peace and wisdom, Attractor of good luck and jealousy, Interpreter of dreams, One who reaches for the stars, Wearer of plaid.

Most of these are vague enough that anyone can see themselves in them. Even so, wisdom yes, peace no. Good luck and jealousy? HA! Dream interpreter? What does that even MEAN. One who reaches for the stars? Again, so vague as to be meaningless and no, I don't wear plaid.

Good ol' Saggy-Tits on the other hand:

Optimistic and freedom-loving, Jovial and good-humored, Honest and straightforward, Intellectual and philosophical.

Again so vague as to be meaningless.

You can give people the wrong sign profiles and they'll see themselves in it, that's how bullshitty this whole thing is.

Yes bits of these both (ha!) fit some aspects of my personality, but that's true for EVERY SINGLE STARSIGN.

'I' am the result of genes and experiences, not whether Jupiter was in the seventh house of Balphour the Cabbage Eater when I made my exit from vagina-land.

'Nuff said.

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