October 25th, 2006

Red Son


I saw this meme doing the rounds again and since I've got a couple of _actual_ interviews coming up for a couple of blogs and things I thought I'd open myself up for Q&A. I'm busy putting the last few touches and additions to Blood! though so while a little distraction is good I may not get back to you rapidly.

The blog interviews will be about gaming stuff, but you can ask me whatever. I just want the practice.

(No more than 10 questions per person though please)
Fucked up

The D&D Murder


So... this guy snaps under constant bullying form his co-workers and kills one of them... with a homemade samurai sword. He's a schitzophrenic with a bit of a history, he's in Santeria, Voodoo, parapsychology, spiritualism and all manner of other things... oh yeah, and D&D.

So, what do they pick on to blame? What do they call the murder they're televising?

'The D&D Murder'.

Uh huh...

You know what?

Fucking excellent.

I'm sick and tired of simply being regarded as 'a bit weird', of being written off as a nerd, of the 'Lair of the Bthuvian Demon Whore' jokes of the fat sweaty geek variety. I'd rather, much rather be feared as being a psychotic murderer than written off as a BO perfumed 'Lawn crapper'.

You know when D&D was cool and at its height? When it was being blamed for satanism, murder, ritual sacrifice and induction into cults. When Vampire was at its height? TV specials and alleged connections to ritual murders, bloodletting fetishists and other freaks. Again, we were cool.

So, I think its a good thing. In fact the best thing that could ever happen to us would be if Jack Thompson got on his high horse and gave RPGs as much free publicity as he gives computer games. I'm sure Rockstar Games would agree. Make something sound dangerous and, if it isn't already, its the next must have for the kids.

So guys, if you're going to murder anyone, don your wizard's hat, put a d20 in your pocket and make sure to blame it on gaming. Do your bit.