October 19th, 2006

just me

Still got it...

Preserving this from the Ryzom forum where people named things like 'Doubletap' and 'Ilikepie' and so forth are trying to defend themselves from the evil RPers who might make them actually show some consideration...

Strange things are afoot in Mordor and rumours abound of a dark power rising in the east and dark riders exiting the gates in search of... something.

Meanwhile, in the shire SlapNutz002 Baggins is set to inherit the house and unusual legacy of his uncle, SlapNutz001. When SlapNutz001 vanishes from his own eleventy-first birthday party SlapNutz002 finds himself confronted by Pwnz0r the Grey.

Pwnz0r has ascertained the true power of the ring that SlapNutz001 had left to his nephew and knows that it must be taken somewhere safe and a council called to determine what must be done with it.

At the council it is determined that SlapNutz002 and his other hobbit companions, SlimShady, Qwerty and ILoveCake will travel with the ring along with Pwnz0r the Wizard, SirKillALot of Gondor, PoonHunter the Ranger, BeardyWeirdie the dwarf and LegOLamb the elf in order to try and see it destroyed in far off Mordor...


Just doesn't quite carry the same atmosphere does it?

Sarcasm skills honed in The Camarilla still have use it seems... There's also this from a discussion on new titles (They're bringing them in for factioned people and not us neutral people, something I am annoyed by.

You're right though, time + effort (whacking tribes a few times) is in no way equal to the sacrifice made to remain neutral.

No PvP tag, assuming some neutrals would want it, no 250 or PR teleports, no special titles, much less chance of getting or keeping an outpost, having to find a justification to participate in factional events in order to gain access to content...

You're right, it in NO way compares. I revise my demand from just titles to include titles AND a giant illuminated golden hat that shouts 'I am better than you' at Kipee volume every five seconds and magically turns any factioned player within an in-game kilometre radius into a yubo.

That would seem more commensurate with the sacrifice.