October 11th, 2006


Blood! Preview - Coming October 31st

Blood! is coming in time for Halloween, the revised second edition of the 1990 British horror RPG by Underground Games (Norley Tucker, Steve Osborn et al).

Blood is a game of 'splatterpunk' horror where players take on the part of ordinary people thrust into horrific and terrifying situations.  The first book in the series is the core rulebook and contains...
  • Advice on playing Blood!
  • Full character creation and advancement rules
  • Full combat and skill rules
  • A small bestiary of foes from the original edition
  • Adventure seeds to get you started
  • Rules for more than 400 weapons from the conventional to powertools, garden implements and improvised household items.
  • Grotesque and stomach churning critical hit tables for every type of weapon
  • A stunning cover by Gavin Hargest and interior art by Brad McDevitt, Darkzel and Paul Campion
Plans for follow-on material include the long awaited Hell On Earth medieval vision of Blood! and Star Shock, SF horror using the same rules set. Other material will include a full bestiary of foes 'Psycho Freaks' for more human opponents and numerous horror scenarios dual or tri-statted for use with other popular game engines.

Blood! uses a gritty, 'crunchy' percentile based system with resource management and deadly combat emphasised to create a true sense of risk and survival.

Blood! will be published in PDD/POD at the end of October with a print version following for Dragonmeet in December.

For more information contact...

grim @ postmort . demon . co . uk