September 11th, 2006

just me

9/11 Obligatory Post

While it was shocking that it actually happened I think anyone with any long term vision or appreciation of politics could have seen it, or something like it, coming.
I remember I was still working at Voyager and everything ground to a halt while everyone glued themselves to the net, often passing on info and messages to American friends who couldn't get information to each other due to the information gridlock in the US.

So I was still in the Cam and still in full time normal employment at the time, things have changed quite a bit.

A few things struck me at the time, which have remained true since.

  • Americans don't understand the world beyond their borders, by and large, save in the simplist of terms. 'Why did this happen?' is a rhetorical question. People don't actually want to know the answer and everything from people's personal denial to the wars in Iraq etc are a manifestation of that.
  • This has been the first multimedia disaster and aftermath.  I think this is as significant as the role of the media in the Vietnam war.
  • American psychology doesn't allow for the idea that they're vulnerable.  They'd rather believe that they somehow did this to themselves (directly, not circumstantially) which is why so MANY conspiracy theories are so prevalent and believed.
(Note that the use of 'American' is a generalisation, but I think most Americans on my friendlist would recognise these qualities in the people around them).

More than anything else I wish Bill Hicks was still alive to comment on all this mess.