September 8th, 2006


More Final Straw Drama!

You know when you see those movie posters with quotes on them?

'Excellent!' Says Smug Film Critic Magazine!

And then you look up the actual quote and it's in a line like... "TRCWHG III is a godawful film by any standard, but is excellent compared to Alien Private Eye." Yeah, you can get away with a lot with a quote and playing with context...

Anyway, I used a few of the more colourful and outrageous fits of moral panic over Final Straw for promotional quotes, including the rather choice comment...

"I think that the game is ghoulish, insensitive, and flatly stupid."

By hexjumper (Darren MacLennan - a moderator on RPGnet who also started an enormous thread in order to whinge about the game which was subsequently locked).

As far as I'm concerned if you shoot your mouth off about something you've never even seen in a public forum like RPGnet then your comments are ripe for the plucking and your petard is ripe for hoisting. Mr MacLennan appears to think otherwise and went whining to Drivethru, so that particular review line is now revised to...

"I want you to immediately cease and desist using my words in your advertisement."

Which also has a certain je ne sais quo about it.

I've half a mind to send the chap a free copy so that he can form a slightly better informed tirade about the game.

Yes, this post has all the hallmarks of a 'Just you wait until I write about this on my LJ!' moment, but frankly I find the gentleman in question's conduct, white-knight syndrome and self-righteous pomposity both laughable and disturbing from someone who did such a great rip into FATAL.
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Of Men and Primates

I was walking through town the other day when I noticed a new pet store had opened up.  Ever curious about new things in this backwater area I strolled in and took a look around.  I hadn't intended to buy anything but then something caught my eye. In a cage, looking woeful was a marmoset.  That in itself wasn't so remarkable but the marmoset was wearing a turban!  Somehow the combination of turban + sad marmoset worked its magic and before I knew what I was doing I was £100 lighter and one marmoset richer.

When I got it home my wife was far from happy on sight of the little beast.

"I don't trust it." She said. "It'll be trouble, mark my words."

I, of course, waved aside her comments, thrilled as I was to have a marmoset and after playing with it all evening we retired to bed.

I was rudely awakened when the marmoset decided to try and roger me in the ear while wearing a leather gimp outfit.  Fortunately my wife was ready for him and chased him out of the room with a heavy book before my ears were deflowered.

I couldn't understand it, that marmoset had been so friendly and playful all evening, there'd been no hint of trouble and I was ready to attribute my wife with precognition.

"Darling." I asked her. "How on earth could you tell that the marmoset was going to be trouble?"

"Easy." She said. "From the first moment I saw that turban I knew he was a Sikh little monkey."