September 5th, 2006



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Final Straw is an extremely adult game depicting gore, violence and controversial political themes hidden underneath the veneer of puerile splatterpunk entertainment. You are very likely to be offended by this game on several levels and Postmortem Studios accepts no responsibility for your reaction if you buy it and are disgusted/upset/go insane.

This game should not be purchased by anyone under the age of 18, though, given that our perverse society has less of a problem with violence than sex, 15 would probably be considered alright, at least in Europe, but then we're all wrong-headed liberal swine who eat babies over here, right?

Yeah, so, anyway, on your own head be it. Don't say you weren't warned.


The cliques, the sneering teachers, the bullying, the pressure to conform... it's more than anyone should have to take, more than they can take and sooner or later, something... something is going to snap.

Your mind.

One wedgie, one swirlie, one spitwad, one insult too many and something primal trips over in your mind. These bastards need to DIE, every last one of them is a waste of perfectly good atoms and they've made your life a living hell these past few years. Time for some payback, time for some REVENGE!

Maybe, maybe they'll actually realise why you went bugf*ck insane, or maybe - and more likely - they'll blame computer games, roleplaying games, card games, music, trenchcoats, a lack of faith or the fact that teachers aren't routinely armed with M60s.

Still, you can hope.

Final Straw is the gratuitously violent and satirical card game of highschool revenge. It requires a cynical, and sick, sense of humour and is suitable for up to four players with a single pack.

In the zip file you get...

  • 96 cards (12 pages) of black and white artwork by Darkzel at 150 dpi.
  • An eight page booklet of rules and clarifications with our biggest disclaimer ever!
  • The fear and disgust of those who catch you playing the game.
  • Note that this game is currently only availabe as a print-your-own on PDF but is designed to be printed out.  You can print as many copies for PERSONAL use as you want.

Don't take my word for it! Just read these testimonials from people who haven't even seen or played the game!

"...if I see a person playing this game _I_ sure as hell will avoid them in any social situation."
"I think that the game is ghoulish, insensitive, and flatly stupid."
"The game, if it's genuine, seems in incredibly poor taste. I can hardly judge it without seeing it, but I'm not likely to do so."
"Tasteless. Utterly, utterly tasteless."
"Okay, call me a sick bastard, but I can see the black humor of it."
"This whole concept is badwrong and not the kind that is fun by virtue of being badwrong."

Be part of a new moral panic, get in on the controversy today and buy Final Straw.


And if this isn't your speed, perhaps you'd prefer HENTACLE and its supplements, which are sex rather than violence.

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