July 16th, 2006

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Whovian Fun

Running a Dr Who game for our very own timelord, xambrius is both a nerve-wracking and a fulfiling experience.  While he is a true Whovian I merely grew up with it and it forms part of my overall pantheon os science fiction knowledge.  Still, throwing in some Dr Who obscuriana, fitting him into and around the events of the end of the most recent series (The Doctor couldn't have saved the world without The Seeker!) and delving deeper into the Whoniverse than I have previously have all made this a cracking experience.

Can't wait to do more.

Though I think I made </a></a>atrophy_angel a little too wussy as a companion, even though the 'Meeps' were authentic.

(Bex, miss ya, escape the cam and come visit, poophead :P)

Anyway, now The Seeker is off into his spin off, we can start to have fun.

The best parts are...
  • I can avoid silly romance plots.
  • I can use UNIT properly.
  • My budget is unlimited :)
Best bit of gaming I've done in a long time.
special bear

I only just found this...

This is how Scott Haring announced me when I joined e23, and it gives me the warm-fuzzies...

I'm very excited about the latest company to join us here at e23.
Postmortem Studios is the unruly child of James "Grim" Desborough,
a fellow who does very nice work when he's in a good mood, and very,
uh, not nice work when he's in other moods.

He can also be really, really funny.

He co-wrote The Munchkin's Guide to Power Gaming for us a few years back,
and you know all the trouble that started.

Anyway, Grim has taken his pen to such subjects as pretentious Goth
live-action roleplayers (Bloodsucker: The Angst) and how the traditional
woodland creatures of myth have adapted to the modern age (Urban Faerie).
But he also has some wonderful, more serious products, including the
100 Adventure Seeds series, the Autopsy occasional magazines, and my favorite,
the very political, very thought-provoking @ctiv8 roleplaying game.

At less than $5 and 50 pages, I recommend it if only to read and think about - playing would be a bonus. Check it out.

- Scott Haring, e23 Manager
just me


Sunshine and me do not go together, but pootling around the Farmer's Market in Andover, playing the gourmand and tasting all the wonderful local produce was very enjoyable, despite the heat.

Mmm, venison sausages for tea.