June 8th, 2006



Fuck football.

Fuck the world cup.
Fuck footballers.
Fuck England flags.
Fuck wasting widescreen high-def, cinema surround sound, digital technology and satellites on fucking football match.
Fuck EA cash-ins, fuck advertising linked with football.
Fuck Argos, fuck Asda, fuck Sofa fucking adverts.
Fuck football fans.
Fuck England shirts and matching beerguts.
Fuck pubs with Sky Sports, full of jostling morons drinking french lager.
Fuck office sweepstakes and thinking your team will actually win.
Fuck having a life so fucking empty that watching a bunch of overpaid monkey-men kick a ball around means more to you than anything.
Fuck closing time and brawls fuelled by beer, kebabs and primitive tribalism.
Fuck 24 on multistart because of the football, fuck disrupted TV schedules and the news swallowed up by inconsequential sports stories.
Fuck you, fuck your football culture, fuck your football hooligans, fuck your toddlers in England shirts indoctrinated as though into the fucking church.

Fuck Football.

Fuck it.