April 2nd, 2006

just me

Sorenson & WIck's 'Joke'

So, Jared Sorenson's story about being 'acquired' and his IP snatched up by some mysterious third party was an April Fool's Joke.

It took me in, I even mailed the guy to offer him help with whatever problem he was having.

So, I didn't find it very funny, for a few reasons.

1 - It didn't come out on April 1st. I think all such dupings should come out on the appropriate day.
2 - Small publishers CAN'T afford legal counsel and the issues described were credible and worrying, particularly to me AS a small publisher.
3 - Much of what they used to perpetuate the hoax were things I HAVE heard from credible sources, such as the amount of coke use in some parts of the industry. That they can afford it is staggering enough TBH, but I've heard it enough places that it has weight and instantly made me suspect two companies who make a lot of money (relatively) and HAVE done such tactics.


The RPGnet mod reaction has been... extreme. I was taken in by the 'joke' and it pissed me off but banning people from the forum for such long periods, especially when they're good contributers, just because you were taken in and felt 'stung'. Well, that's sort of childish. Not that I expect much more from RPGnet moderators in a lot of cases to be honest.

All things considered, while obvious, the WOTC 'My Little Pony' RPG was a better joke.