February 25th, 2006


Gaming Wormhole

Have I fallen back through time by 25-30 years somehow?

Everywhere I look at the moment I'm seeing gamers talking about battlemats and miniatures for their play.

I don't think I've ever, except way back in my gaming neophyte years, ever used a battlemat or miniatures for an RPG. Skirmish games yes, wargames, definately, but not in an RPG.

Then there's this palpable 'backlash' and defensiveness by hack and slash gamers against more story-led gaming. Which I don't get. Their style-of-play (by the book, kill stuff, play tactically) is the one area in RPGs where computer games can do it better than we can, whereas the story-led and more adaptive/rules light/social style of play is where TTRPGs can still outshine their computer cousins.

What the hell is going on?