February 14th, 2006


A Valentine's Day '45 Preview

Martian Emperor/Empress Kwan'Kli is a Libra, born in the year of Devouring the Infants in the Golden Palace on the slopes of Mount Olympus.
His glorious Imperial Brain is mounted upon the body of a miserable Earthling actress of the 20th Century.

Emperor/Empress Kwan'Kli's hobbies including, disintegrations, plotting the takeover of The Earth, laughing insanely, torturing people and performing unnecessary medical experiments.

One day Emperor/Empress Kwan'Kli wishes to rule the universe and to bring about universal peace by exterminating everything in it.

He/She's hot, hot, hot as a death ray!

Geek Valentine

For the lovely Kostika...

When I first saw you Cupid scored a critical hit.
I think you're so special you need a +5 level adjustment.
When I think of you, I get to reroll 10's.
The dice aren't the only thing that explodes in your presence.
When it comes to me you get 'Charm Person' an unlimited number of times per day.
You make my adventuring party complete.
You're my foil-cover, limited edition bundle of love.
I've got you, I've never been tempted to by a booster pack.
I need a dual processor to calculate how much I love you.
You're twice as beautiful as a hardcover, full colour corebook.
Let's do some one-on-one LARP baby.
When it comes to you, I thought I'd bought the normal release, but you turned out to be the extended special edition with previously unseen material!

Today isn't anything special, just another day, but us geeks like to show off our toys :)

Love ya baby!