February 10th, 2006


Postmortem Announcements

1. I am in the closing stage of dealings which will bring back to life a game I have long loved. It is old, crude in design and execution with only one really good mechanic and a lot of tables, but I loved it and I think with some modernisation it could be really, really good once more. Keep an eye out :)

2. Negotiations - or rather mostly waiting - on the 'mainstream' commercial version of Hentacle go on. I hope to see some movement on this, finally, next month and hope the artist I want to be involved in it is - finally - confirmed and can get to work. There's still a lot more to do, rules simplification, playtesting, approval and so on, but this could be pretty big.

3. '45 is in the final stretch of writing/editing. I have most of the art in, just waiting on a few more pieces and everything should be hunky dory. This is going to be one of the best looking books I've ever done and hopefully it'll fire people up as much as it has me, but not being d20 makes it harder to flog in the PDF market.

4. The deal for my next few PDFs for Mongoose is released. I guess I'm sort of resigned to sex comedy PDFs for them, but we'll see. I may also be submitting some 2000AD articles for Signs & Portents. This means less Postmortem progress for a while though.