January 30th, 2006



I really want to become a Celebrant/Officiant (An accredited humanist who conducts funerals, marriages and baby naming ceremonies) but I just can't see a way to make it possible.

I don't agree completely with the stances the British Humanist Association takes on some things and find them a bit too softly, softly in many regards but they are the first port of call for people who want humanist ceremonies and, so far as I have seen, the only ones who have accredited, vetted and 'qualified' celebrants and officiants.

It is frustrating, I would like to be able to be there for people, to provide an alternative, to be a 'Speaker for the Dead' or to help people celebrate these landmarks in their life for what they are, significant and special, not subsumed as an act of worship that makes the people celebrating insignificant.

My grandmother on my father's side had her funeral officiated by a humanist and it was the most touching, relevent and - heresy I know - enjoyable process I've ever been witness to.

It would be nice to be a part of that.