January 17th, 2006


Decks Cleared

So, FINALLY, the decks are cleared and I can get back on with delving into '45.
Bettie Page Road Warrior here we come!

*dives head first into B-movies, 50's fetishism and giant radioactive ants*

Interesting Historical Parallel

The things I run across while doing research...

I've just been reading up on a proposed idea (it'll never happen mind) that the rest of the world should get a small say in US elections, given that they are the only remaining superpower and that what they do affects the rest of us to a massive degree.

It is a fascinating idea, despite the hopeless optimism of something like that ever happening, but perhaps not for the reasons some people find it interesting (outrage or idealism).

I find it fascinating because it, basically, admits American supremacy and acknowledges the fact that - at leasts parts - the rest of the world is the American Empire.

The whole thing mirrors aspects of the American Revolution itself. One of the rallying cries was 'No taxation without representation!' Which was odd, considering the taxation had been repealed and colonial representation was being discussed, seriously, at the time.

The Americans rejected parliamentary representation for self rule, I wonder if the rest of the world will reject US representation for self rule ;)

Car modification - assistance

Additional Armour
Fine Controls
Killer paintjob
Lightened chassis
Nitrous Injection
Off road tyres
Racing tyres
Ram plate
Rocket boost
Weapon mount

For '45 I need a list of mods that could be done to vehicles (planes and cars mostly) that could have been done in the 30's to the 60's.

What I have above is what I have so far.

Any other ideas?