January 16th, 2006


Lets get the memeage out of the way

You post a topic, list, category, whatever, in my comments section. (examples: "5 Sexiest Things About Ron Weasley" or "Top 5 things to drink"). Then, in a separate post, I'll post the answers to all your Top 5 ideas, according to me. Then you post this offer in your own journal.
just me

So, my second proper working week of 2006

The scheduling worked last week, I got things done anyway. Let's see if it works this week as well!

The schedule is a bit punishing, but it uses my time fairly wisely and gives me time to do a few other things I feel I've missed out on or could do better with. So here's hoping that works out too.

Just hope there's enough weird news this week to make a second @ctiv8 weekly :) If not I'll find something.

Today is my day for - apart from working on the weekly thing - investigating other, related fields of employment that I might migrate into for more money, particularly MMOs. So, after a bath, time to get my thinking hat on :)

Top 5 Bad RPG Mechanics (For Tim)

1. Levels
2. Hit Points
3. Random Character Generation
4. Death During Character Creation
5. Botches (On a low/linear dice type)

Levels have never and will never make sense. Their root is in the old troop ratings from wargames - Green/Regular/Veteran/Elite or similar where it applies to a vast difference in training and battle experience, usually resulting in better morale and other statistics. Even with the breakdown into smaller chunks for RPGs levels create massive disparity between characters, cause problems defining enemies and creating consistent worlds and tie in with and give a boost to many other mechanical flaws in these games. They've also completely fucked up any number of computer role-playing games and MMORPGs by the power of tradition, creating even deeper problems in these games, particularly with PvP mechanisms in MMORPGs.

Hit Points - Are they health? Or not? Are they luck? Or not? They bloat out massively as your character progresses reducing combat to a lengthy process with all the excitement of chopping wood. Horrible, horrible mechanic.

Random Character Generation - If you don't like it, you can always roll up another... THEN YOU MAY AS WELL JUST MAKE UP WHAT YOU WANT TO PLAY TO START WITH!

Death During Character Creation - Traveller specific, but SO stupid it needed to make the top 5.

Botches - A low dice type rolling a 1 will get botches so often that your heroes begin to resemble the keystone cops more than an elite fighting unit. This was particularly troublesome in Cyberpunk which used a d10 but there are games using this mechanic on a single dice with an even lower number of dice. Really, in anything below a d100 it is going to come up far too often.

For Xinari - Top 5 Sins (Using the classics)

The Top 5 best sins
1. Lust - Clearly. Lust beats out all the others, genetic imperative to procreate or not, it's a lot of fun.
2. Wrath - I love getting my wrath on, and its a bit hypocritical for the Judeo-Christian sky fairy to get upset about people being wrathful. Sodom and Gommorah anyone? (What's Gomorrahhry anyway?)
3. Sloth - I love being lazy and its a hard job to be anything but.
4. Pride - Pride makes you an arrogant wanker but sometimes it's nice to just take enjoyment in something you've done and to show it off.
5. Gluttony - Food is good.

The Top 5 worst sins
1. Greed - People take more than they need all the time. Tossers.
2. Envy - Jealousy is an ugly thing.
3. Lust - Your loins can REALLY cause your brain trouble.
4. Wrath - Can't we just work things out without resorting to violence, sometimes?
5. Sloth - Not enough people try to change the world around them.
just me

For HM

Top 5 British Wrestlers
I only know three, so...

1. Kato.
2. Kato.
3. Kato.
4. Giant Haystacks
5. Big Daddy.

Top 5 Pizza Toppings
1. Anchovies.
2. Some manner of spicy chicken.
3. Prawns.
4. Capers.
5. Pepparoni