January 9th, 2006


My working new year starts here...

I have a work schedule that splits up things I need to do and things I want to do - or improve.
I have a day set aside for exploring new and more lucrative business.
I have consolidated my chat programs and made myself more available on them for better communication with work and 'fans'.
I am committing myself to a higher public profile which should help awareness and income.
Website is updated and there's going to be a more regular stream of minor releases from me as well as the larger ones.
I'm now available on RPGNow and ENworld, e23 as soon as the paperwork clears and DrivethruRPG and Digital Book Booth once all that finishes up.
Leisuregames are selling some of my books.
I intend to, hopefully, do GenCon, Dragonmeet and at least one other convention this year, possibly more, I'm going to miss Conception though, alas.

Even this isn't procrastinating, as part of my highlighted awareness thing more LJ posts are important. So this is actually working!