January 5th, 2006


System Test

I am involved in a potentially lucrative project that will combine some CCG/NCCG card game elements with 'proper' roleplaying.
The setting is a sort of urban, fantasy Dyson Sphere (unrelated to previous DungeonPunk posts) but that's irrelevent at this stage.
What I will need, within about a month most likely, are playtesters.

Playtesters will need access to themselves and at least one other person.
They will need access to a printer.
They must be willing to take notes and make suggestions.
They should have some prior knowledge of RPGs and/or cardgames at this stage.
If they have access to someone who is just a CCG player or who hasn't played RPGs but is willing to give this a go, that would be great.

The game will have two (possibly three) modes of play.
1. Standard Adventure Game.
2. Duelling.
3. Solitaire Adventure.

Only the first two will need testing at this stage and the final setting won't be being tested, just the mechanics.