January 4th, 2006

just me

Further thoughts on DungeonPunk (Mechanical)

I'm quite big on genre assisting mechanics and while any DungeonPunk type game would be best served by being d20/D&D for broad appeal and the Dungeon side conventions the 'Punk' part is not so well served by ballooning hitpoints. With this kind of combination you need to combine some elements of the two. There needs to be a deadliness and risk associated with the 'punk' side along with the possibility of over the top heroics and so on.

You don't want to change things too far but there are some possibilities from already existing changes.

1. HP/Vitality - A good compromise between the much deadlier option of restricted hit points and the runaway hit point bloat of other interpretations. However, it is not open content - though there are workarounds. I would instead replace this with HP (Con Bonus + Hit Die + Feats) and 'Luck', Luck being based upon a standard die, probably d8, per level and rationalised within the setting. Luck being spent to boost skill rolls, avoid being hit, or absorb hit points, being considered a miss, adding a pulp/heroic resource management factor. Once you are hit, you're in trouble though.

2. Massive Damage Threshold - Move it down to equalling Con. Though this is only really that deadly at lower levels it helps.

That's about it I think, though some additions to feats etc would be needed.