January 3rd, 2006

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Idea Sketch

The King is nothing but a figurehead, his powers reduced to nonsense by both his council and the reality of the situation. The Guilds are simply too powerful and their wealth buys them armies that put those of the nobility to shame. Old money cannot compete with new nor the thaumaturgical innovations of the Guild of Sorcerors.

Day and night the great guildhouses churn out their goods and ply their trades, selling endlessly to the captive people as much kept in by the city walls as protected by them. Beyond the walls lies freedom, but it is freedom in a savage wilderness where the only law is that of sword, claw and tooth.

The gutters are choked with sewage and the air stinks with the smoke of the guild factories. For miles around the hills are denuded of trees and beneath the city the mines are worked hard, coal torn from the earth - far from the only thing uncovered down in the dark.

The people of a dozen races are forced to live side by side in great slums, their cultures forced together, intermingling or stubbornly resisting the process. Elf against Dwarf, Dwarf against Elf, Orc against everyone.

The guilds value their workers, though many are mauled or harmed in accidents or mine collapses. You can choose to spend the rest of your life as a cripple or you can let the Guild of Sorcerors 'repair' you. The veterans of the factories and mines sport limbs of wood, bone, stone, metal, animated by secret magics and even some of the guild's warriors are augmented in this manner. Given new bodies, new senses, all in the pursuit of a better worker, a better soldier.

Magic is better than meat.

Some manage to live outside the law of the guilds, to make their own way, to seize treasure and power for themselves. They might be selfish and treasure obsessed, as much fops and dandies as they are grizzled adventurers, but they're the only rebellion there is...

Now, THAT would be 'DungeonPunk', not just a few piercings :P
just me

Hardcopy Availability

Some of my work is now available in short runs via leisuregames


And can be ordered there.

Some is also available directly, via me.

I have copies of Hentacle - The Hentai Tentacle Card Game and its expansion, Sloppy Seconds, available for sale.
Also available are copies of my magazine, Autopsy. Issue 1 - Sex, and Issue 2 - Drugs. Each containing a series of articles discussing these topics and and around Roleplaying.

Hentacle £7/$12
Sloppy Seconds £4/$7
Autopsy 1 - £3/$5
Autopsy 2 - £3/$5
2005 Compilation CD £10/$15

Postage & Packing
UK £1/$1.50
US/Overseas £2.50/$4

Payments can only be taken via Paypal at present.

Contact at grim AT postmort DOT demon DOT co DOT uk for more details or to place an order.
just me


Well, I did about as well as last year, but it doesn't feel like it.
We had several non-business related expenses that I had to help out with and that, coupled with my monitor unexpectedly breaking, leaves my business on the same footing as at the beginning of last year.

This may not look much like progress, but last year I didn't do much in the way of freelancing (though a few payments trickled in). I made almost all that money from my PDF and convention sales, and that was without GenCon.

I find that quite interesting and it does mean that since I'm going back to mixing my work (freelance and personal) and taking a more commercial slant this year, I should do pretty well.

My target for this coming year is to approximately double my profit and get myself/us a nice portable laptop so I can get out of the office a bit and work when I'm travelling. Also to afford to visit my father in France this year.

Wish me luck!