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Japanese Porn

One of the more dubious 'advantages' of being the creator of Hentacle is that I occasionally get sent things that 'fans' think I would like to see. This morning I awoke to an e-mail with a link to a stream of some Japanese gothic-lolita porn. In the interests of research (*cough*) I decided to follow up this lead.

What a peculiar experience. Between the high pitched squeaking language of the girl, the bizarre and impenetrable 'plot', the creative camera angles to get around Japanese censorship and the beep-boop incongrously light and bouncy music, not to mention the elaborate costuming, it was much more like watching 'In the Night Garden' than porn, only with jism.

The Japanese are a strange people... if judged by their porn... but then I suppose so is any nation if judged solely by their pornography.
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