_grimtales_ (_grimtales_) wrote,

Patient Zero: 019

You pick up a kidney tray from a hospital gurney and toss it with a clatter down away from you. The guards' heads' jerk and track the source of the noise and they shuffle and lumber fitfully in the direction of the noise giving you opportunity to dart forward and push through the heavy fire door into the next section. This area seems to lead into the operating theatres and you're probably not supposed to be here, ever. The whole place feels and smells much cleaner than the rest of the hospital, reeking of disinfectant - but also stinking of fear.

There seems to be a place you can get to where you can observe the operating room, or another doorway that is guarded - this time the guard, masked and breathing in rasping gasps through the mask, seems to be asleep in his chair. The gun held loosely in his hands.
Poll #956990 Patient Zero: 019

What do you do?

Try to slip the gun from the guard's hands.
Sneak past the sleeping guard into the next room.
Move to observe the operating theatre.
Sod this - head back to your room before the other guards come back.
Tags: patient zero
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