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Patient Zero: 016

(Apologies for the delay, things to see, people to do and all that)

When you agree a palpable sense of relief fills the room and you can just about see everyone's shoulders slumping slightly, the collective release of breath from the people around the table like a single giant sigh.

The Major speaks, earnestly, leaning forward to speak directly to you, his voice raised slightly so all can hear.

"Very well then. Since you're immune the plan would be to, ah, reinsert you into the mainland to try and discover what, precisely, is going on. What the state of things is there and so forth. A fairly open ended and ill defined mission to be sure but since we're almost entirely in the blank on this intelligence gathering would be the best possible help in any case. We can equip and arm you, just in case though it is probably best if you avoid conflict."

"There are three ways we can insert you into the country. Bristol, where we lost contact with an outpost. Portsmouth where we still have a small presence or London, via the Thames estuary. We don't know the situation in Bristol, though something, ah, interesting must have happened there. Portsmouth would be safest, at least to start, London fell rapidly but would most likely have the most information from before the infrastructure went to pieces. As an unrecommended fourth option we could drop you in by air somewhere in the countryside, but extraction from a non-coastal region would be extremely difficult especially since the Europeans and Yanks are making noises about shooting down planes that breach quarantine."

"You're the one being put into danger so the choice is yours, time is of the essence so we can give you, perhaps, a day to recover. I'll arrange some equipment for you."

Doctor Wyndham speaks up once the Major has finished.

"I'll need to vaccinate you against various diseases that may be spreading if things like water, sewerage and mortuary services have broken down. We can deal with that straight away and then you are free to wander, so long as you turn up back here by morning ready for duty."
Poll #939100 Patient Zero: 016

Where would you prefer to be dropped?

Inland Rural (By Air)

Name one item of equipment you regard as essential.

How will you spend your time until tomorrow?

Walking the cliffs
Find a pub
Wander the ferry port
Explore the hospital
Thinking in your room
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