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Patient Zero: 011

You cast your eye around the table at those present. Rarely have you seen a more non-descript or nervous group of people. Most of them seem to be anonymous suits of no real consequence, all of them look like they've slept in their clothes. Behind them stand a couple of soldiers in fatigues and armed with pistols, standing at parade rest, just as nervous as the people they are acting as guardian over, though they don't seem as... odd as the soldiers that escorted you here.

One of the people around the table seems slightly more familiar, but you still can't place them, from the way everyone is deferring to them and the layout of the seating you assume them to be the most important person in the room. This is confirmed as the person sat next to them leans over and whispers and you catch the words 'Prime Minister' though given that you've no real idea who they are that seems a little out of place and almost makes you laugh.

Besides the suits, Doctor Wyndham and the military man who escorted you take their seats anda quick round of introductions is made by Doctor Wyndham, most of them go in one ear and out of the other though you take note of the Police Chief Superintendent Morgan, a grey haired woman who seems somewhat more flustered than all of the others. Prime Minister Jaspers is introduced with rather too much formality, perhaps the retention of old order is the only way some of these people are staying sane, and finally the military man who escorted you is fully introduced as Major Donovan.

"Well..." Says the Prime Minister after an awkward silence stretches just a little too long. "We need to decide how to proceed now that Mister, uhmmm... well, now that you..." He points towards you. "...have joined us. Do you have any questions before Major Donovan briefs us?"
Poll #930388 Patient Zero: 011

Any questions?

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