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"The problem with ideology is, if you’ve got an ideology, you’ve already got your mind made up. You know all the answers, and that makes evidence irrelevant and argument a waste of time, so you tend to govern by assertion and attack. The problem with that is: that discourages thinking and gives you bad results." - Bill Clinton

I'm less ideological than I was and while I still count myself ideologically on the left wing and have sympathy with Anarchists, Marxists etc I largely find them to be a bunch of unrealistic buggers as idiotic and based on 'faith' in most cases as any religion.

The right isn't any better but the difference is that they're currently in charge. Oh sure, the Labour Party is a left-wing party but the Labour government isn't. If anything John Major's government was more left wing than Blair's one and functionally there isn't really that much difference between the Major and Blair government except that New Labour had some Charisma.  So, basically, we've had a varying degree of completely capitalist government since Thatcher, really.

When I was born, as a citizen of this country, I had part ownership in the infrastructure of the country.  Rail, gas, electricity, telephony these were all part of my heritage as a 'British person' and while they were imperfect beings these services were concentrated upon doing what they were supposed to. Transportation, power and communication facilitation. These were all privatised and taken away from me and for what? False choice.  'Competition' in a market where the very idea is ridiculous. On the railways this has seen us fall back to a cruddier version of the way things were when the railways were divided up in the age of steam - and they still don't run on time. The same thing is happening in a death-of-1000 cuts to the health service, perhaps the one big thing left that we all have a share in of some sort.  Call me stupid if you like but I tend to think health services should be concentrated upon... providing health services.  Not achieving arbitrary 'targets' or 'forming a marketplace' and business managers definately shouldn't be drawing large salaries to fuck about with the running of hospitals.  They're there to provide medical care to EVERYONE, not to make a profit.

I turn to the left, despite the 'faith' based lunacy over on that side because we need to pull back in that direction.  We haven't quite reached the libertarian capitalism running away with itself in the US but ten, fifteen years and things could be just as bad here and all because of a different 'faith', one bolstered by the idea that might makes right, that money is all and by the 'fact' that capitalism defeated 'communism/socialism' in the Cold War. This is, again, an article of faith having little to do with reality and with about as much intellectual weight as the religious argument from design, but it is enough to be causing irreperable damage to our social fabric.

Capitalism isn't the panacea, the cure to all ills. It is a pandering to the basest and most selfish motives of humankind while ignoring and discouraging the equally strong motives towards cooperation.  Communism isn't the panacea either but both sides seem unwilling to understand that their particular cure-all isn't a cure all.  As I said, the difference is that the right wing capitalists are free to perform THEIR disastrous great experiment while more progressive social thought is excluded.

The left at least has the appeal that it thinks good things of humanity, however misguided, but it might be nice to encourage in people.
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