_grimtales_ (_grimtales_) wrote,

Final Straw Playtest

Final Straw is my cardgame about what happens when people... snap.  Specifically when certain outcast schoolkids snap, pick up fully-automatic weapons from Walmart and then go on a shooting spree in their high schools.

Everyone thinks of Columbine, but this sort of thing happens quite a lot and, the predictable happens.  Nobody stops to think that, you know, these kids might be mentally ill, or that they might have been pushed just a little too far by the bullying, the cliqueishness and the pressure until *snap*, followed by *boom* and *aagh, my spleen!*.

It's not an inherently humorous thing, except that other people's tragedy is ALWAYS hilarious and the sheer irony and stupidity of the aftermath of these events ("Blame computer games! Blame RPGs! Blame Comics! Blame Canada!") always gives me a grim chuckle.

As per usual with my games there's an undercurrent of seriousness to the sick humour, but a lot of that won't be in until the final cut.  If you can free up some time to playtest for me over the next couple of weeks and you have a printer, drop me a mail.
Tags: cries for attention, design, postmortem studios
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