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What an extraordinary outome! Thank you!

I am so proud of all of us who made possible the extraordinary outcome of the 2006 US elections! I'm proud of everyone who went and voted despite their fear that their vote might not be counted, their disgust at the limited choices and their fear that it was all hopeless! I'm so proud of everyone: citizen or not, voter or not, who helped one or more people understand the unhealthy authoritarian - not conservative! - Republican power bloc for what it had become, and the importance of resisting it. I'm proud of us!

I'm grateful towards everyone who participated in every way, because: It took every single one of us, It took everything we did and not a jot less. Tipping the balance in the Senate was too much to expect, too much to hope for, and was desperately needed! A bit less work in any of a number of places and we would have failed. If you voted, if you encouraged someone to vote, if you helped someone be less alienated, if you resisted becoming alienated yourself: Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm proud of the true conservatives, the true liberals, the people of any party and of no party: Thank you!

I was in England when Reagan was elected. I could hardly believe it. As things gradually got worse and worse, with only a brief and temporary reversal during Clinton's first term, I felt like part of my world was being darkened and destroyed. Now there is a possibility of a recovery, a real foundation for participation. The new politicians who will be "in charge" are a mixed bunch. They will need strong citizen input to encourage them to fly right. But they are likely to listen now! And I'm including the incumbent Republicans - they are more inclined to listen and less inclined to march in lock-step with the neocons.

Let's celebrate a lot! And while we're celebrating, let's start dreaming and planning and communicating about how we're going to heal the rifts in the United States and in the world we share. I'm particularly keen on restoring and enhancing transparency in all government operations, and eventually in the operations of all corporations. Open systems tend to be self-correcting.

Love yourself and love each other! We've got our world back!

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