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give me your eyes & i will show you things

you never dreamed you thought you'd see

24 April 1984

tall oaks from tiny acorns grow
agnosticism, amber, animals, art, attachment parenting, authentic learning, avoiding self exploitation, babywearing, baking, beading, being a woman, biology, birds, birkenstocks, black and white photos, bohemian, books, brahms, breastfeeding, brown leather, butterflies, carmina burana, child development, childbirth, choruses, clocks, clogs, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, confidence, cooking, crane school of music, creativity, cross-country, cultivating interests, dalcroze, designing, dragonflies, dreaming, dvorak, earthiness, ee cummings, fairies, family, feminism, finches, fiona apple, formal operations, free people, green, gustav klimt, h&m, half diminished seventh chords, handmade jewelry, hello kitty, intelligence, john duke, joni mitchell, kindergarten, knitting, kodaly, lake waukewan, lake winnepesaukee, laughing, learning, lilidae, love, maggie gyllenhaal, marveling, meaningful conversations, memories, mezzo soprano, moderation, montessori, natural birth, new hampshire, not drinking, opal, orff, organic, piano, pillows, pregnancy, pro-choice, psychology, questioning, reading, reality, regina spektor, rocks, running, running skirts, samuel barber, schubert, security, september, sequins, sewing, shopping, sight reading, silver, singing, skipping rocks, soft hands, solfege, space, sparkles, spelling bees, suny potsdam, swimming, teaching, tj maxx, toad the wet sprocket, tokidoki, triathlons, true love, turquoise, vaginas, waldorf, wally lamb, water, windows, wondering, yoga