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It's all right man, you won't win

Posted on 2009.12.14 at 21:52
I'm Feeling: busyoverworkedbutnotreally
I'm Hearing: 'They're a Comin'' The Dudes
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So I'm thinking about writing Iago/Cassio fanfiction. Can you go to hell for writing Shakespeare fanfiction?

In other news, I got deferred from Middlebury, which sucks, of course, but means I can at least hear from other places. Hsodwehfewbfuckitfqlfrfriuroi. It was not a good weekend. Except Friday; Friday was good. I saw The Princess and the Frog and loved it and will pretend that I did not cry (Which I did, but it was okay because the sniffling that I thought was coming from a couple of seven-year-olds on the front row actually turned out to be from some twenty-somethings when the lights came up. So there, I'm not alone). Did the manslave guy remind anyone else of Peter Pettigrew?

Anyways, now I will move on to something the world really really wants to read about: my Unrealistic Christmas Wish List!

1. Olympia Le-Tan's amazing book clutch (I'm between The Catcher and the Rye and perhaps The King Who Was A King, but who could really decide?):

2. Lauren Nassef print for my wall:

3. Miller Harris fragrant tea (Thé Bergamot):

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Lock It Up' stud earrings:

5. Free People Wingtip Oxfords:

6. Vintage Chloé dress:

7. AC Gears key-shaped USB drive:

9. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, Penguin Classics (I judge books by covers):

10. D & G perfume La Lune 18:

11. American Apparel vintage floral bow headband (don't know why she can't wear a shirt and a headband at the same time):

12. To get into college:

Yeah, that's basically it. Luckily for my parents, I'm asking for a new laptop battery and an iPod to replace my mini, plus maybe a few books. Oh, but if money were no object...

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Posted on 2009.11.03 at 21:50
I'm Feeling: stressedstressed
I'm Hearing: 'Put the Phone Down' Pilot Speed
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Ah, I'm such a loser. I'm pretty much writing to myself at this point, but I don't really care.

1. Next time you have the hiccups, think of cows. It works.

2. Go read The Tenth Gift by Jane Johnson and Thornyhold by Mary Stewart.

3. I'm in the worst part of the application process. No, not the part where everything is due and nothing is done. The part where everything is sent in and I have nothing to do but wait. Gswiofefongwddqqaldkldalnl. December 11 can't come fast enough.

4. I'm illustrating a bilingual children's book for which I'll totally have time!

5. I was Madeline for Halloween and it was magnifique!

6. I'm halfway through writing a rap about RNA transcription titled 'SnRNPilicious.' MLIA.

7. Also, please go read
Through the Shadow (KH, Akuroku)
The Society for the Admiration of Harry Potter (HP, HP/DM)

8. Listen to 'Gold and Warm' by the Bad Veins and 'Slow Poison' by The Bravery.

9. I am way too old to be addicted to Pokemon. Except I'm not.

10. A really cool project is Chartjackers . Please support them! (If not for the cause, then because the song is painfully poppy and addictive.)

love tree

wait for the wind to blow, can't carry myself, can't carry me home

Posted on 2008.05.29 at 09:30
Current Location: not in school
I'm Feeling: relaxedrelaxed
I'm Hearing: 'Mother Mary' Foxboro Hottubs
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 School's out so I'm feeling a wee bit awesome waking up at 9:00. Had a great Memorial Day weekend down at the hella crowded beach. The backs of my legs are singed. And yes, it is just the backs. There are funny lines. I don't want melanoma. :(

Also, survey says that I have about an 85% chance of going to Switzerland to visit my brother in August (he's getting a summer job there). Plus, there is also the possibility of me going to Mexico next summer for an immersement program with my school. I would go with 5 other people and would not be able to speak any English. My headmaster says that if I do this, I can get a 5 on the AP Spanish exam, this being a suggestion I find comprised of 95% complete b.s. because even native speakers have difficulty getting a 5. Whatever, language work? I'm game.

I'm feeling like life is pretty good right now and it might just be my attitude lately, but I've found that my attitude is not something I have much control over, so I'll consider it good fortune either way.  It's probably school getting off my back, without all of the pressure, I can feel myself deflating-- I'm so useless in the summer. I leave for Boone June 15th to take America in the 60's. I hope it's a good course, but I don't think it can measure up to Ancient Philosophy, which was the best class I've ever taken. 

Oh, and the most important of all of these little tidbits: I can now play on Medium for Guitar Hero!! I know, you're proud. It's quite an accomplishment. God, I'm hopeless. And I'm addicted to bumper stickers on facebook. 

Listen To:

'Carry Me Home' by the Hush Sound

'Let's Dance to Joy Division' by the Wombats

'Instantly Gratified' by People In Planes

'One Shot' by the Red Romance


Sugar Sugar Rune: curious vanilla

i'll break the sky, for you and i are going nowhere

Posted on 2008.04.07 at 15:31
Current Location: home
I'm Feeling: nostalgicnostalgic
I'm Hearing: 'Selfish Jean' Travis
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 I just felt like putting something up today; first one of those days in about a year. I actually got a new laptop last Thanksgiving, but my mom lost the password to our wireless internet connection, so it didn't have internet. Four months later my dad finally sets up a new connection. I almost went crazy, but sometimes I think it's good to get away from the computer for a while. 

Anyways, scary thing happened this weekend. I woke up at like 7:15 with stomach pains on Saturday so I went downstairs to get some Alieve. My mom heard me and woke up. I started feeling dizzy and after I told her to go back to sleep, I passed out and slammed into the door, and that's all I remember. My mom says I then turned and ran in to the next wall and then the next wall before falling down. I now have a very sexy bruise above my lip that looks more like a purple-y mole. 

Actually, a lot has happened since I last posted here. For one thing, I got a car for Christmas! I love it! It's a new crossover from GMC called an Acadia; it's name is Perry. And... um... well, on second thought, not that much has happened. Last summer I took a Philosophy class that changed my life. I went to Italy in June, which was gorgeous and amazing. For winter break I went to Hawaii with some people from school and now know how to surf!! And on Spring Break, I went college touring again; I really like Washington & Lee University. 28 more days of school!

So last year I was doodling a Louis Vuitton print in history and then drew a stereotypical NYC girl. I then decided to draw a circus girl and a sailor girl and some cacti and a flower girl and it all escalated into a sort of mural that isn't very pretty, but it gave me this idea that I'm finally pursuing. I'm sort of writing a story that about this guy who ditches his city life  not really knowing where he's planning to go and he meets different people who help him get from place to place. The problem is wherever he goes, something fantastical happens that scares him off. He's basically scared of adventure. It's really half-baked, even with all the time I've thought on it and I don't have a concrete plot yet, but I have characters and lots of ideas. For now, it's called Journey. I think this is basically the product of me wanting to write about a gazillion things at once. This is a really bad description of it, but as it develops, it'll work out. Or I'll quit. Whichever.

Oh, and I've also become hooked on Honeydew Syndrome. Desparately.

Listen To:

'Break the Sky'  the Hush Sound

Vampire Weekend  ('Walcott')

'Inside of Me'  Starlight Mints

'Selfish Jean'  Travis

oh, the piano!

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iPod Meme

Posted on 2007.03.05 at 20:11
Current Location: not europe
I'm Feeling: sleepyjet-lagged
I'm Hearing: 'I'm Shakin'' by Rooney
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Back from Spain. Unbelievable time. Might go back this summer. No one has commented me in a year.  omgomgomg. what did i do???

I've done this sort of meme a million times, but i love them!

Will you get far in life?
too-ra-loo-ra, kenny loggins
How do your friends see you?
bonnie taylor shakedown 2k4, hellogoodbye
Will you get married?
rites of spring, the bravery  what a coincidence
What is your best friend's theme song?
burning dog, sugar ray weird...
What is the story of your life?
who i am hates who i've been, relient k so true
What was high school like?
anna begins, counting crows  totally
How can you get ahead in life?
we run this, missy elliott
What is the best thing about your friends?
bad day, daniel powter pretty much
What is today going to be like?
jenny was a friend of mine, the killers  well shoot
What is in store this weekend?
rough justice, the rolling stones
What song describes you?
saltwater fountain, the junior varsity  how depressing
What song describes your grandparents?
are you with me?, vaux  hahahahahaha
How is your life going now?
landslide, fleetwood mac :(
What song would they play at your funeral?
everytime we touch, cascada  awkward funeral song...
How does the world see you?
i want to hold your hand, the beatles  yay!
Will you have a happy life?
i believe in a thing called love, the darkness sweet
What do your friends really think of you?
nobody puts baby in the corner, fall out boy  good... i think?
Do people secretly lust after you?
mr. brightside, the killers  whoa, pretty descriptive
How can I make myself happy?
earthquakes and sharks   am i unknowingly sadistic or a masochist or something????
Will you ever have children?
haunt you, the 88   ????

Sugar Sugar Rune: curious vanilla


Posted on 2007.02.23 at 08:43
Current Location: by tomorrow, Spain!
I'm Feeling: lovedloved
I'm Hearing: 'If Looks Could Kill' by Camera Obscura
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i'm leaving for Spain in about an hour, so is this is a quick post saying that in my few recent attempts at posting,  my drafts were deleted because my computer is broken and my dad's computer is retarded. :)

anyways, sorry if i've been out of touch, i've just been busy- and i know that, that word just doesn't cut it sometimes, but it's the truth. okay, so i leave for spain in like thirty minutes and i'm soooooo endlessly excited!! (i've never been to a country whose first language isn't english) i'll be back the third of march, so wish me well!

i had a good birthday the 8th and i got a red Razr phone, so it contributes to the RED foundation to help fight AIDS in Africa :) my brother got a wii, which is super fun!! okay, i've got to go now.  <3

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you're so bitter you think he's sweet

Posted on 2006.12.20 at 11:21
Current Location: Home for Christmas
I'm Feeling: satisfiedsatisfied
I'm Hearing: Popular Mechanics for Lovers by Beulah
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Happy Holidays! I'm not on my deathbed, it's just the season. I was going to post about a month ago, but my computer decided to randomly exit Firefox? Oh well, I figured that if there is any time to post, now would be it.

My Stocking- Sharing Is CaringCollapse )

I've just finished my Honors Geometry exam- the last exam this semester. I'm out until the 8th! Anyways, here's a few thing that have happened since my last update: I have braces, which are pink and not-so-horrific as I had thought. My orthodonist is kind of a hottie- which is a plus awkward, to say the least. I am the worst driver on the face of the Earth, I promise. I was a princess for Halloween and couldn't eat much cany because of my spacers. Thanksgiving happened- the whole big Maxwell side got together, but they were only about 70 people, which is less than usual. I think I went through another little slump of depression, but no one wants to hear about that- plus, I'm feeling better. I got a 1710 on the PSAT's (yay) and actually beat my brother by one point. Oh, and by the way, I have utterly fallen in love with Shaun White- that Olympic Gold Medalist Snowboarder, you know, the 'Flying Tomato'?

Some bigger news is my travel plans for next year. Over Winter Break, I am going to Spain with some people from school and I am sooo excited! My mom and brother are going, too. Then, over Spring Break, I am going around New York and the Mid-Atlantic for another College Trip, but without my mom and brother, this year- my mom is busy and I don't think my brother is very interested in going to an out-of-state college (I'm all for it, one of my top choices right now is in Vermont!). And finally, the first week of June, my family and I are going to Italy! I have always wanted to go! We are going to stay for a few nights in Rome, a few nights in Tuscany, and a few nights in the one place that I have wanted to go to since I was five: Venice! The more I hear about Venice, the closer I come to wetting myself in excitement! The only thing missing is that I am dying to see Milan, but it's out of our way and I'm the only one interested in going.

So how is everyone? It's been a while! Holiday plans? Big trips? Tellmetellmetellme!!!

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Summer's Fic Review Day

Posted on 2006.09.08 at 21:30
Current Location: the best place to be
I'm Feeling: contentcontent
I'm Hearing: 'All You Need Is Love' by Nada Surf
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1. Friday! Huzzah!

2. I've been rereading some of my favorite fics lately, mostly Axel/Roxas. It's comforting to already know that I'll like the fic. I think that I should designate a day each season as a Fic Review Day- a day to reread all of your favorite fics from the prior season or further back. I hereby decree today as the Fic Review Day for Summer.
Summer: September 8th
Fall: December 21st
(near Midterms and Christmas Break)
Winter: March 16th
Spring: June 8th

3. I really don't have that much to say, I just wanted to share my Fic Review Day idea. x3

4. Haha, I got the worst grade in the history of my academic record. I got a 55 on an Oliver Twist test-- I don't really like Dickens. I read it last minute, and got the essay- which counted 50%- and then got only one of the multiple choice questions right. I'm actually not that sad, I think it's sort of loosened me up grade-wise.

5. I'm going to an NC State vs. Ohio football game tomorrow with my dad. We're staying in the 'Palace'? That's what he called it, but I don't know. I know we have boxes for basketball games, but I'm really clueless about anything involving football. But hey, there's a first time for everything.  Go Pack! =3

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Good Afternoon

Posted on 2006.09.06 at 18:27
Current Location: a quiet little bungalow
I'm Feeling: cheerfulcheerful
I'm Hearing: 'Banana Man' by Tally Hall
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1. I got my hair cut today. I now have layers and around shoulder-length hair. I don't know if it looks better or worse, but it does look more sophisticated.

2. School is keeping me busy. I have a buttload of work for Contemporary Issues (Newsweek articles, unit outlines, presentations) and Geography.

3. I get my spacers for braces on the worst day possible of the entire year. Just take a wild guess. Yes, you are correct. I am getting spacers on Halloween.

Dear life, whatever I have done to anger you, I am sincerely sorry. Please forgive me?

4. House premier yesterday! It was pretty good, but next week's episode looks very thrilling. House/Wilson sparks are flying! <3

5. I went to the beach for Labor Day and went tanning at the Dunes Club. Soooo relaxing...

6. Ernesto wasn't so bad, my neighborhood / village didn't flood because our draining system was updated after Floyd in 1999. Roads were flooded and a couple of telephone poles were down, but, other than that, my town's in pretty good shape.

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Posted on 2006.08.03 at 19:02
Current Location: edingurgh, scotland
I'm Feeling: bouncybouncy
I'm Hearing: 'be gentle with me' by the boys least likely to
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some things you didn't know about me(neither did i untiil recently):

1. i do not understand scottish bathrooms at all. (edit: i feel so accomplished! i just successfully flushed one for the first time!)

2. i can not sleep on planes. ever.

3. i do not enjoy the smell of haggis. (nor the stomach of any other large mammal, thank you)

4. i am considering starting a campaign that enforces tea time to become a regular opyion in the states.

5. i enjoy the british version of the price is right (with the 'e' in 'price' as the pound symbol instead of the 's' in 'is' as $) more than the american.

6. i am wondering whether a certain tradition concerning kilts that i should hope that we are all acqainted with applies to anyone wearing a kilt.

7. i almost had my umbrella fall victim to the wind , like, three times yesterday. i love my umbrella, but i love scotland more.

8. i'm currently in love with a band called 'the boys least likely to'. xylophones must be one of my 'triggers'.

9. i found out last night that our driver for the scottish half of this trip, along with half of my hometown,  is related to us through the maxwell clan. i am changing my name to relatedtoeveryone. i'll just tell people its icelandic.

10. i may not be able toupdate again while i'm over here, but i return the 11th. i hope everyone's summer is as pleasant as mine!

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