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oh, the irony.

AOL was cut on Thursday so there’s no net at home and that means I’m back to using at the library and at schoole. [Sounds like a drug. Sorta is.] My Godmother died last week and so we’ve been spending the past couple afternoons/nights at the mortuary and attending viewings. She died on her birthday.

Today was the funeral. I think I would like going to church more if they didn’t decorate the entire front etrance with Yes on 8! and Yes on 4! signs. I helped during the service. My cousin Andrew is fifteen and my Godmother was his Grandmother and it hurts to see him in so much pain and not be able to comfort him with the right words to say or the right thing to do. I can't tell him it will ever stop hurting because it's not the truth.

He had this massive anxiety attack when the casket was lowered into the ground and couldn’t stop shaking. Afterwards, we went to the reception, which was held at this buffet with chinese food and sat together and talked. It was a nice relief. Sometimes I’m so focused on how distant I am from the rest of my family but then I think about Andrew. We’ve been close since he was a born. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for that kid.

On another note, High School Musical 3 was amazing. Yes. That’s right. I said it. HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.

And on Thursday night, I dressed up like Joe Jonas and two of my bestfriends and I entered a Jonas Brothers lookalike contest. We didn’t win but the people that placed were eying us as competition and that made me feel a little better. Joyce borrowed her Dad’s jewelry and bought a man’s shirt. Lynda stuffed her pants. Pictures as soon as I can get them up.

I went goth on Halloween and ate candy because the new neighborhood was empty. About five kids came to our house while I sat in the garage. Josh and I hungout and watched horror movies on tv.

I’ll catch up with you guys a-sap. I’ve got writer’s block and some extra credit to do. Be well bbs. <3