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the kindness of strangers.

Hi guys,

If anyone on my friends list is a dog owner/lover or just a huge fan of animals please read:

I really need to post about this. My great and very dear friend Taylor aka vehement is in dire need of some help. This goes out to all of you animal lovers out there especially.

She is the owner of an amazing dog named Buddy. They've been through a lot together and Buddy has been going through a lot lately because of his age and back problems. He's also a "weenie" dog so that has made matters worse. Taylor's an amazing person with a heart of gold and people like that don't come around a lot these days. Last year, when my mom and I were going through really hard times she was kind enough to lend a hand and I know I will always be in debt to her and so thankful to have her in my life.

I know I can't do much more than donate a couple of dollars but I wanted to try to extend that same kind of kindness she showed me in another way. She is a poor college student going through life without the kind of comforts most people take forgranted like parents and siblings. Buddy is her best friend and right now he is going through therapy and needs medication. If both fail to help him, he will need surgery on his spine soon. Surgery that is surely going to be really, REALLY expensive.

So please, if you have a free moment and any change to spare, I'd love if you could help out a very dear friend of mine. Any amount will do. We've already been able to raise almost $200 to help with his next round of medication. I know everyone's feeling the effects of the recession but even if you can't donate please spread this link around and tell others. I'd really appreciate and love you for it.


[Follow the link to the donation fund:]
music: shinee; minho yoogeun reunited


please recommend your favorite play that has been turned into a movie! something relatively popular because i have to go out and be able to buy it/rent it/check it out of a library. i've gotta read the play and watch the movie version of it. ex: Hairspray, Angels in America, RENT, Cyrano de Bergerac, anything by Shakespeare, etc.

i need to pick one for a class presentation/report.