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God KNOWS I won't be gone, lol. The internet and I are sorta married, lol, but let's all just pretend for the sake of the pretty:

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HP fans, I don't know how you were able to do this time and time again for YEARS. Please cross your fingers and pray that somehow my cheap ass Wal-Mart decided to get copies of Eclipse, and also puts them out on the shelves early [tonight] like other people are reporting because fighting with myself to not read spoilers IS. GETTING. EXCRUCIATING. :[

In other, AMAZING news, Dark Horse posted the pictures! :D I about had a heartattack and my Mom ran into the room like something had gone wrong, LOL.

Refer to this link:

And then scroooooll. :D

You'll also be able to see everyone I mentioned in my review, lol. The curly haired man aka Scott Allie aka one of the big Editors at Dark Horse. :D The dude at the end of the page, Matt Parkinson- is the man who first asked me to take a picture, and who also came out the end with Scott to take the group pic. :D The 'Brunette Lady' with the wristbands is on the first page, and her name is Mo Sevy. I can't tell you how good it feels to finally be able to put names to their faces, lol. ♥