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This entry was written in response to jennasie's post at chemicalromance asking for people’s MCR stories. I think I’ve mentioned my story in bits and pieces for the most part, from reviews, random entries, and in Gerard’s birthday entry.

But here it is in it’s entirety. It’s long, and there’s a lot of rambling because I had to start from the beginning, for you to be able to understand the depth of the impact.

I was able to write my heart out about losing my Dad and because of that, it took me two long nights of attempts to finish this but I’m finally done. I cried a lot and listened to Helena while writing it, and I sincerely hope you guys take the time to read it. :] There’s also a picture of my Daddy and I in the entry as well. I'll also finally talk about going to rehab and all of the stuff that happened to lead to it.

Thanks in advance! And btw, I’ll apologize for grammar mistakes and shit now, because I’m half asleep. :P

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