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The rambles of a modern day Celt...

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"Níor dhéin na Dheithe dearmad ar dea-bheart riamh!"

Welcome to the journal of Ingrid Houwers, better known as GrayWolf, my little place to write about the day-to-day things that go on in my life. Almost all the entries I write are publicly viewable, so don't worry about missing out on bits and pieces if you're not on my friendswatch-list. Not being on it doesn't mean I don't like you either, so no worries.

Who am I? I'm a linguaphillic self-taught jack of all trades, master of none. Did art academy for a year and decided to begin for myself. I now have a running business is custom corsets and clothing, drawings/painting/designing, jewellery crafts and taxidermy. Now before everyone runs screaming saying I am an animal killer I would like to inform you that I only work on animals that have died a natural cause. Conservation, Preservation and Education is my cause.

But the main thing I love doing is being outside, especially on my little spot in the woods. I love to take long walks in the woods and I can sit there for hours. I usually take my sketch-book along with me in case I see something that I would like to draw. These days it's not very rare if you see a fox getting a drink at the lake when the evening settles in.

I'm trying to figure out where all my friends are on a map - please add your location so I know how to plot my plans for world domination.

absinthe, activism, alternative healing, anatomy, ancient history, animal rehab, animals, anthromorphs, anthropology, archaeology, art, art nouveau, barefoot, biking, biology, birds, bodhrán, bones, books, camping, candles, celtic, celtic culture, celtic history, celtic lore, celtic mythology, chanting, chants, climbing, clothing, corsets, corvids, crystals, dancing, divination, drawing, dreams, druids, drumming, drums, dutch, enlightenment, esoterica, ethology, eurasian jay, europe, faeries, fantasy, ferrets, fire, firedancing, fireleaping, firespinning, flowers, flute, folklore, foreign languages, forests, gabriel knight, gaeilge, gardening, ghosts, healing, heathenism, herbalism, herbs, hiking, history, hunting, insects, ireland, irish lore, irish mythology, jewellery, jewellery making, language, languages, legends, ljmaps, lycanthropy, magick, maori, mead, meditation, minerals, moon, moonlight, music, mythology, nature, nature religions, norse mythology, ogham, old irish, outdoors, pagan, paganism, painting, paranormal, pelts, photography, plants, poi, primitive camping, primitive hunting, psychology, puirt-a-beul, re-enactment, reading, ritual dancing, rock climbing, runes, scrying, singing, skulls, soul retrieval, soul searching, spirituality, steampunk, stones, stories, storytelling, supernatural, swimming, symbology, tara, tarot, taxidermy, tea, therianthropy, thunderstorms, tight-lacing, tracking, tradition, transformation, travel, travelling, trees, tribal, walking, werewolves, whiskey, wilderness, wildlife, wine making, winter, wolves, woods, yoga, zoology

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