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CabinCon 2005

Back from Cabincon. Needles to say I'm not very happy at the moment, but have a ton of fond memories to keep me occupied, plus a funny book. Gah.. I miss everyone..

the Cabin

Day 1
My flight went around 3pm or so and we slowly made our way to the airport. It was hard saying goodbye to the little dook, who knew something was up. He wanted to come along.. BAD.. which made it even worse to leave him behind like that. Eventually we had to put him in his cage because he wasn't able to sit still on my mothers arm anymore. Gave him a kissy, and a hug (repeat that about 25 times) and put him back in his cage. Then I got my bags and things and went my way.

Arriving at Schiphol we found a semi-busy entry hall. There was a huge line however in front of the self-check-in machines. Now these things have never been popular with the Dutch, so I wondered why they did so all of a sudden..

Anyways, I got in my line and waited, and waited and waited. There was apparently some trouble with some luggage in front of me.. so we.. well.. waited really. There were annoying kids behind me, but I managed to block them out completely. Finally it was my turn. I handed her my ID card and flight tickets and she looked at me and said 'Do you have a self-checkin?'. I told her no, and that this was just the ticket as I received it. Apparently the people behind the counter at Schiphol are now only there to take care of the luggage that goes into the plains. Tickets check-in has to be done by the passenger. *sighs*

So I moved in line of the self-checkin machines.. and waited and waited. When it was my turn I did my thing, only to find out that there were apparently no flights going to Oslo that day, according to the machine at least. I asked around, and was pointed to yet another check-in desk, which had all the people standing there that were standing in front of the self checking machines when I came in. So, you guessed it, I waited and waited.. then I got checked in. Finally after 1 hour and 52 minutes I got in front of the darned desk and had my seat confirmed. (and there was much rejoicing)

Went through customs okay. Everything from there went reasonably speedy. Went to the 'see fly buy' shops a little. Got a HUGE bottle of Heineken and a bottle of Baileys (yum!). Got to the gate and found out they were already checking people in. So I went through and tried to find my seat... 17D. I looked and saw this guy sitting on 17D, and asked him if that was 17D. He then asked me if it would be okay for him to sit there so that he could sit next to his girlfriend. I didn't have much of a problem with that, so he pointed to me his seat. I put my luggage in the overhead lockers and 'tried' to take my seat. I was seated between two rather large.. no.. lemme rephrase that.. HUGE guy that had the sweaty arm pit water coming through their clothing. I sat down, and for some reason I was longing for my isle-seat (a seating next to the isle, I HATE that). I tried looking out the window (the seat I love) but found one of the guys flab was in the way.

The flight was spend in a severe state of nausea.. from sweat stink, not being able to look outside and the guy next to me eating 2 packages of airplane chicken sandwiches which smelled like shit. I forced myself to zone out and woke up 5 minutes before landing... good.

It took a while for my bags to get on the belt, and when they did finally get there I leaned over to get it and the HUGE glass Heineken bottle fell on the stone tiles. Some group of young Dutch travelers were already shouting the 'traditional beer-cheer', but luckily the glass was intact and the cork stayed on :S
*BIG sigh of relief*

the viewWent to the arrivals hall, looked around and found profox awaiting my arrival. Yay! Gave profox a big hug, and we went to the car. He took my bag from me and it wasn't long before we reached his uber-spiffeh car 'O buttons and such! His car is button haven! I was very tempted to press every single one of them during travel, but instead I learned how the CD player worked and we spend out trip under the signings of Omnia and Lais. It was a good journey.

Upon arrival at the cabin we walked in, I severely hugged Swansis (swandog, and put my luggage in the room I'd be staying at. Choose the floor instead of the bed. Said Hi to Johnny Depp.. erm.. wolfhowl_82, and talynwolf. Shortly after everything was settled and profox got his munchies in the fridge and ofcourse, the other munchies all over the place I suggested a walk.

wolfhowlWe went to walk to the lake, which wasn't really 'close' to the cabin or anything. While trying to cross the field I started to recognize plants that grew in our woods as well.. in the swamp and quicksand areas. We tried the bedding, and just sank down in the moss and muck underneath. We walked a bit more up hill and tried to make our way all around to a bit of a higher up point. So we did, and when wolfhowl_82 and me got to that point we could see the same vegetation growing all around the so called 'lake'.. so there was no reaching it. We then waited for the rest to catch up and went passed a Cabin back onto the dirt road again slowly walking back.

On our way back we crossed a stream and we played in it and rested a bit. We were attacked by flies (no surprise there) and decided to get moving. Half-way up the hill to the cabin sayh pulled up in the car. swandog's legs hurt, and so she switched places with tarangryph, who then walked up to the cabin with us after severe greeting hugs from me :D It was so good seeing her and.. well.. everyone again!

Then evening fell, and we had a GORGEOUS turkey dinner!! It was divine! I received a gift from profox, the wolf council candle holder.. I was speechless.. and in major droolage-state Found a moose skeleton in the 'backyard'(just the close woody surroundings to the Cabin) and wanted to take the shoulder blade, back of the skull and some vertebrae with me, then sayh told us it was supposed to be there, because it was Aidan's T-res skeleton. Ah well, moved everything back, and tried to put together some stuff. Dug up some ribs and made the whole things more complete, then went for a walk down the hill to chase after sheep (heard their bells on the hill). On my way back to the Cabin I burped.. and I heard people back at the cabin comically shouting 'OMG, the Moose is calling!'. I was in stitches, nearly rolled down the hill, but thought that would be a bad idea and went back up to find a grinning profox. wolfhowl_82 and a thoroughly amused swandog

That evening profox, wolfhowl_82 and me had a Absinthe night with Kübler53. It's been a while since I had Kübler53.. and it was good to taste it again :D We had fun. It was around 3:30am before we went to bed.

Day 2
That morning sayh told us the night before the entire Cabin reeked of anise and alcohol and that it would be best if we did not drink inside the house again. We had no problem with moving outside that coming night trying out the Segarra Absinthe from Spain.

waterfallThe morning ritual was explained by sayh and no one was allowed to take a shower that lasted longer then two minutes. Flushing the toilet was done with a bucket and water supplies had to be watched carefully, as well as the water pressure in the tank and such. How's that for a Cabin feel eh? XD I didn't have any problems with cold showers, nor short ones.

waterfallThat morning I took a quick shower, it felt really cold, and really good. I was dying to play in the snow. In the early morning sayh picked up kandra, tarangryph and supochi. When they returned to the Cabin we said hi to everyone. supochi and tarangryph moved in with me and they took the bed. In the afternoon sayh, swandog and me went to a town to pick up m_kerris (yay!) from the station. Along the way we stopped many times to take pictures of waterfalls and the likes. So, we ended up at the station a tad bit on the late side (sorry m_kerris!). We then did some shopping as well. We went into the Kiwi superstore, and straight to the supermarket, after buying a HUGE tray of strawberries outside. Those smelled SO good :D Shopping in the supermarket was cut short for me and swandog, since we both needed the toilet pretty badly. After the toilet swandog and I went into this little gift shop and sniffed about. We saw a very cute glass formed ferret (not cast), and some really cute fox glasses. We left straight for the car and found m_kerris and sayh already sitting in it. The entire car smelled of strawberries, and I stole one from the back of the car and tasted it. It was very yummy indeed!

Back at the Cabin everyone got ready for our trip to the mountains to some lost restaurant along the way. It would be a long long drive, but a fun one that was for sure. Before pulling out of the road that led to the cabin profox noticed a dead bullfinch, and poked me. We made a short stop along the way and I checked it out. It looked reasonable.. but it was missing a lot of tail feather and only had one or two of them left. the rest of the bird looked okay on first sight. I put it in a tiny dirt hole and marked it with a stone by the hole, and a white stone on the road. profox marked it on his uber spiffeh car-O-buttons, so that the direction lady would tell us where the bird would be in case the stone was moved.

profoxOn our way to the restaurant we stopped near a hill with snow. Everyone got out and we all went to reach the snow :D YAY! wolfhowl_82 and I came there first, followed by profox and m_kerris.. whoever came after that I don't know.. graywolfI was already playing in the snow and got my ass wet. profox then came with the suggestion of going to the top of the hill, and after a whole load of climbing we reached it. I was well and truly out of breath by the thin air and stuff.. but the view was gorgeous. kandra took pictures :D, while m_kerris sat around. We then noted that the rock we saw as the 'top', wasn't the top at all, but we decided this would be the top for us, since the clouds were moving in and it was getting late, and we still hadn't reached the restaurant.

It took a long time, and a lot of cow scaring, to get to the place. We found cows standing in the middle o the road not wanting to move, until kandra opened the window and shouted 'McDonalds' at them.. and suddenly the cows were running full speed! It was hilarious.

At the restaurant I had caribou filet.. which was to die for.. Yum yum yum yum yum.. MANY thanks to profox for being oh so very sweet to finance this entire trip for me *snuggle slurps*.

yum yum

We went back on the long scenic route.. saw German visitor trying to fish in a lake that was created by melting snow XD Needed the potty bad, and found on along side of yet another lake. The others went on. There was a shop near that lake that had pretty Caribou scalps mounted on pretty wood. We took many stops along the way, and many many pictures.

braidsBack home I picked up the dead bullfinch and was very happy I brought my scalpel. I wanted to get atleast the skin back home with me, but tugging the chest feathers revealed to me that the bird had been too far gone.. it was probably the rain that did it in. I decided to got for the legs (for tiny pendants) and the skull instead. Got the legs off, and found that the skull was split in half due to probably a close encounter with a car. Poor bird. Gave all the remains back to nature. Inside I washed my hands.. and braided swandog and kandra's hair with a four strand braid.

That night profox, wolfhowl_82 and I sat outside trying out the Segarra Absinthe.. which tasted a lot like turpentine. I'm going to have a lot of fun rating that stuff XD We then popped open a new bottle of Francois Guy new formula which tasted a lot like soap.. decided to screw it all and finish the Kübler instead.. much better. Had a really pleasant night outside.

Day 3
Had a quick shower.. and then the power went down. All the meat in the fridge was now in danger (insert dramatic music). teyrdragon would be arriving today! profox, wolfhowl_82 and me were instructed to go to town to buy Cake :D So we got in the car, drove down the hill that went up the to the cabin, around the corner.. and found that the road had been dug up. The guy was kind enough to close the ditch up for us, after telling us it was because of the power outage that the road had to be dug up. sayh's father was told about this all, but apparently the news was forgotten. Ah well, it would be 3 to 5 hours or so before the guy would be finished, but we figured we would be able to spend that amount of time in town.

We went to the same Kiwi store again, and I showed profox the fox glasses he just had to buy. They were so cute! He then decided to tempt me with the glass ferret and I caved in.. *hugs her glass ferret*. After that we went looking for the local bakery, and found it, and got a HUGE marzipan cake! Yay! We then followed the sign that said 'antique' shop, and went to go and take a peek.

First thing we did we head up to the top floor, the book floor. We had a lot of fun looking through old books. I found 'Page from Mark Twain', which profox got, and he found 'Tales from Shakespeare', which I got :D We also looked at the dutch caricatures books.. which were hilarious! Especially the one that contained the fashion ones... the corset caricatures were to die for xD

Moving down we went to drool over stuff. From old silver walking canes and complete living room interiors. We also ran across 1942 german porcelain bowls, which still had the swastika and the eagle on them. Much to see, much was drooled over. profox tried out one of the traditional hats, and I just drooled over everything. Reaching the counter the woman told us there was more downstairs, and so we went to investigate further. GORGEOUS FURNITURE!! Oh man, I was in Avalon.. everything was just soo friggin' pretty ;D
We went up again after a long time, and got the books. Then outside, as they were closing... only for me to turn left and sink my eyes upon a bath tub with two capital male caribou scalps in them. *was stunned*.. don't remember much after that, only that eventually I was carrying the thing to the car and had to find a way to it it in the back. With some positioning and a few failed tries we eventually *just* got it. Thank gods that those things are a tad bit flexible, otherwise it wouldn't have fit in the trunk.

profox and the BBQWe got back and found that the road was fixed and teyrdragon had arrived! We then had a great GREAT BBQ dinner provided by profox, who was standing outside all the time providing us with food. Eventually I took my food outside, and kept him company. The Heineken bottle was finished there.

After dinner we all went in and had LOVELY lovely cake, in pre-celebration of tarangryph, teyrdragon and sayh's birthday. It was lovely. I LOVE marzipan *drools*.. the beginning of the night was spend drawing, then, as the first people went to bed, profox, wolfhowl_82 and I went outside again for some Baileys... which was lovely. It started to rain, and after getting cold we decided to head back in for some more drawing :) m_kerris got eaten by a ferret plushie. And tarangryph took pictures, just like me. It became very late, yet again.

Day 4
Had a quick quick shower, and while the others went out for more shopping we stayed behind and looked for food. For dinner we could either have the lovely smelling 'Salmonella Surprise' or nothing at all. We called sayh and informed him to get some fresher stuff.

GrayWolf in Hell Míren and Holfhowl in Hell profox, wolfhowl_82, and me went for a wander outside. We had fun, looked at the pretty collie that were occupying someone else's Cabin, and then sayh pulled up from the wrong direction xD. He told us he wasn't feeling too well, and was not up for going to Hell that day. We wanted to, and so we decided to head back to the Cabin and see who else would be up for Hell.

So me, profox, wolfhowl_82, m_kerris and talynwolf went to Hell.. (you wouldn't believe the amount of word jokes we had). This was not Hell spelled as 'Hell', but the proper Norwegian spelling 'Helvetta'... so we truly went to Hell xD

Hell was pretty, but I expected more from it I guess. But it was pretty. In Hell there was a cute little bridge that made funny sounds :D I walked on it, and made music in Hell. I managed the end of Hell, and got a stone from the end of Hell I took back with me.

What can we say, Hell is over-rated.

GrayWolf and Wolfhowl, GrayWolf trying to keep her feet dry

Back home we made BBQ dinner again, and ended up watching 6 episodes or so of Wolf's Rain! Yay! The opening scene made a bit more sense now.. I think O.o The first episode I was in the Foxhole, but the blood was running to my head and I got a headache so I moved to the sofa. Sadly no one had seen it to the end yet so I had no chance to discuss the ending with anyone. But I still enjoy the series very much. While moving around, I suddenly wanted to get my sketchbook from my wrong. I took a wrong step on the carpet and slipped, and in my slip I kicked the beamer off it's post O.o The light went off and I felt so friggin' stupid... (bit like Toboe and Leara's bird catching thing).. I apologized many many times.. and was so friggin' relieved when the light of the beamer went on again that I kissed the beamer. and then we went on watching more episodes while wolfhowl_82 gave me a killer massage.

Ended up drawing the entire night I think. talynwolf eventually fell asleep and I dropped the vibrating hamster toy on his chest and scared the shit out of him. It was funny. swandog made me a eraser fetish XD

Day 5
supochi Has the most amazing Bed hair!. Now we all know why her character has such awesome hair.. it was morning-inspired!

While the others went to Hell, the ones that went the previous day and swandog stayed behind. I drew teyrdragon a birthday picture. Spend most of the day doing some cleaning.. which was needed. Went to look for the vacuum cleaner, which I couldn't find in the typical 'cleaner closet' looking rooms.. it ended up being in the sauna (don't ask.. I don't know)... and so I did some vacuuming. Had a fun relaxing day I guess.

When evening came profox, sayh and me were preparing taco dinner. sayh had been accident prone all Cabin con and was covered in bandages, so he sat down while profox and I did the rest. I did the meat, and spiced it up severely XD (sorry everyone!) talynwolf was like a friggin' black-hole and managed to take down 8 taco's.. 8!!! teyrdragon was very brave as well, since she ate a meat-only taco.

After dinner wolfhowl_82 and I watched the 'Competition' episode from Father Ted, the elvis look-alike one XD. Then he gave me another shoulder massage which was good since I was a stiff as a board and in pain.. kind of.. of course the massage hurt like hell, but after wards it was much better.

Spocha drawingWe then took a groupshot, which hopefully came out very well, but it's on my other camera and I still have to develop the film.

We watched another 5 episodes of Wolf's Rain. And during that teyrdragon was picked up to go home.. (Noooooo!!!!) Gave her a big hug and wished her a good journey home. I also stood waving in the door opening but I doubt they saw it XD She's so sweet!

Back inside we watched some more wolf's rain and the cleaned up.. I then helped kandra into her red Voller's corset which was downright sexy on her :D I was so tempted to try on a vollers corset as well, and so I did. It's VERY obvious in the feel that it is not a custom made one, wasn't really comfortable, especially since I'm rather gifted at the top half of my torso so to say. But it was reasonable.. atleast it had steel boning.

The most of the night was spend chatting (and drawing) away again. Before that we watched another 5 episodes of Wolf's Rain. After that everyone did some quick packing, since we all had to leave for trains and stuff pretty early.

Day 6
Goodbye day. After I cleaned the kitchen and everyone got their stuff together sayh took, m_kerris, kandra, tarangryph and supochi to their train station in Vinstra. They came back, since m_kerris forgot his jacket, but they really needed to go.. :( Bah..

It was long before it was 9am, and I had to get on my way aswell. Gave everyone a big hug and fitted wolfhowl_82 into our car aswell, and we drove off. The journey was pretty. Along the way we stopped a while for a potty break and a Yapp(Mars) ice-cream bar! I was happy!

Plotting Profox at pizza place.. check out the plane in the back XDWe arrived at the airport early, and we decided to go for Pizza after I had givin' my bags to the KLM bag check-in. I asked for a window seat and I got it as well! Yay! The pizza was HUGE.. but yummy! After that I went to the customs gate, gave profox and wolfhowl_82 a huge hug, and got back in line. Started to remove all my metal bracelets, rings, torc and other necklaces, and went through the gates. Took a final look back and waved, then went into the book store for some staring at books and stuff.

Got sprayed by perfume tester people as I had to go past them to get into the liquor store *cough*.. it was iffy. Bought VERY tiny Bailey bottles that'll make excellent candle holders.. they're so cute! Bought a book for on the flight from the Chronicels of Ancient Darkness. Easy to read, but still very fun. Almost finished it by now since I can't really stop reading once I start.. Gonna try and find the second book "Spirit Walker" in the same cover style (the UK cover) as the one I just got. I checked out the cover that Amazon carries, but it sucks.

Went into a gift shops and wanted to get this kick-ass sweater.. but it was 100,- euro and decided that was WAY too much for a sweater.

To to my gate (39) and sat down to read a little. Was a good start. Then I put the book away and started to draw a little, and apparently got a crowd behind me. Then heard the plane was delayed 20 minutes.

After waiting I got into the plane. Only to wait even longer.. but I was okay, I had my book to read. Then it took longer and longer, and as the cabin crew started to run back and forth I knew this was going to take a long time. But I was at ease. There were two people too many on the plane and it took over 35 minutes to count 135 people by hand 4 times and in the computer a couple of times. Then someone fell seriously ill and a ambulance was called. Two arrived 5 minutes or so later. THEN came a enormous rain storm and the plane was grounded until it got better. I don't know how long the delay was, but I had a good time. My seat was a window seat on the LEFT side of the plane, out of the sun. watching rain is calming, even thought it poored down like crazy, and next to me were two clean smelling men.

The flight home was okay. Had a good read, some turbueance... but in all a fine flight.

Back home I was greeted by one very happy dook who started dancing all over the place after seeing me walk in, then covered me in kissies and fell asleep on my lap :D

Draw by m_kerris, of GrayWolf sitting in the foxhole

Draw by sayh, GrayWolf at the entrance of Hell

Draw by supochi, GrayWolf in Profox's car... BUTTONS!

Draw by supochi, GrayWolf tripping over the carpet kicking the beamer

Draw by supochi, Spocha invaded my paper that said "Ingrid, will jij de kooi schoonmaken? Duncan heeft gespuugt" (Ingrid, would you clean the cage? Duncan puked)

Draw by swandog, GrayWolf wondering if the possum isn't just playing dead

Draw by talynwolf, Spork love

Draw by talynwolf, GrayWolf at the sun allergy itches

Draw by tarangryph, GrayWolf trying out her newly bought caribou antlers

Draw by teyrdragon, GrayWolf all curled up underneath the sheep skin with a ferret plushie


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  • House update..

    Word cannot even describe how tough the last couple of weeks have been. I don't know about anyone else, but I deal very badly with uncertainty,…

  • Wowsa!

    Wowsa! Talk about a response! i am so glad to see I am not the only one that misses the writing and reading. It stimulates conversation of a…

  • I miss writing...

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