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Pope in his grotto
It's clever, but is it art?
(This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time.)
27th-Mar-2009 02:28 pm
My Little Pony: summer
So I've decided to drop my Precalculus class. I really can't see any way that I can possibly pass at this point. So either I'll try again over the summer at Mesa Community College, or I guess I need to start looking at changing my major. :/

On the bright side,Collapse ) at least I'm getting A's in the classes I'm not failing...

Also! My sister and I were looking into buying a better camera, because we still weren't happy with the photographs we were getting. Unfortunately, the camera we want (a Canon Powershot G10) runs about $500, which is more than we have to spare at the moment. So we dedided to try improving our lighting instead. I got a set of professional studio lights with shoot-through umbrellas for $130, and the photos look so much better.

Observe!Collapse )

3rd-Mar-2009 01:45 pm - Agh.
Devil: the dark side has books
I notice that today's "Writer's Block" thingy asks what five books one would bring along to a desert island. I'm going to use this question to distract me from the fact that the house smells like fucking cat spray, and the much more infuriating fact that the reason it smells like cat spray is because the Demon broke into the pony room (he has a knack for opening doors, EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN JAMMED SHUT WITH A STOOL) and sprayed, for no reason, in spite of being neutered, on the one pony card that my sister and I still have from when we were kids. (We had about a hundred different ones as kids. We managed to save only this one. THANK YOU, Demon, for proving once again the aptness of your epithet.)

Ahem. Anyway. Books.

I'm going to assume that my exile to this desert island is permanent, so that I'd better take along books I already know I like, and not books I've simply been meaning to read but might not want to spend the rest of my solitary life with. Realistically, I would want some bloody enormous books -- probably the Complete Works of Shakespeare, Complete Works of Melville, Hugo, Marquez... that sort of thing. And probably The Bible, since whether one believes a word of it or not, it certainly contains enough material to keep one occupied for several lifetimes.

But assuming I have to actually pick five individual works, and not collections of books or stories -- I'll take Moby Dick, One Hundred Years of Solitude, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, The Idiot, and Les Miserables. (Er. Except, again, realistically, I'd probably replace the latter two with Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Amber, because I'm not actually sure how much I'd care about Dostoevsky's philosophizing, or the socio-political climate of post-revolution France, if I were stuck with them on an island. Whereas quests and heirs and ancient kingdoms will always have some sort of Jungian appeal.)

...God, what a smug little creep.Collapse )
9th-Jan-2009 06:46 am - pony photos: Bubbles' Antiques
My Little Pony: summer
Once again, I come with pony photos. :) This time we took pictures of our pony antique store. You can check out the page at our website by clicking here.
28th-May-2008 09:15 pm - Pony salon photos!
My Little Pony: Happy Holidays!
Yep, more pony photos. ;)

My sister and I actually made this set (and took the pictures) a few months ago, but we just got around to putting them online this afternoon. Eventually, we intend to take pictures of all of our pony shops and businesses... but this is the first one so far. We decided to do the hair salon, since we already had the "hair care" section of the website up.

You can check out the page at Ponyland Press by clicking the little banner, or you can just click the cut and look at the photos here. :)

Welcome to Twirler's Salon!Collapse )

Click to visit the page.

And that concludes today's moment of insanity. :)
15th-Dec-2007 05:27 pm - Happy Holidays
My Little Pony: Happy Holidays!
Still no internet here -- but nevertheless:

2nd-Jun-2007 05:25 am - Ponyland Press: Summer Catalog!!!
Pope in his grotto
Yes, it's time once again for my me and my sister to spam you folks with pony pictures. :D Today we bring you... Bouncy's 2007 Summer Catalog!

Yep, that's right, a My Little Pony clothing catalog, full of swimsuits, sundresses, and cute little pony-sized accessories. (Most of our ponies aren't girly-girls, but a few of them are, and we decided to let them have the spotlight for a change. XD) The project took us a few weeks -- making the clothes, arranging the sets, taking the photos, editing in Photoshop -- but we finally got it all done. And if I do say so myself, it's rather dazzling.

You can check out the whole catalog (24 pictures) at our website. :) It's a bit image-heavy, but so worth it, I promise. If you like little colored horses, that is. ;)

Pictures here.

Crossposted to my_little_pony -- sorry if anyone sees this twice!
11th-Feb-2006 05:36 am - Ponyland Press - Valentines Day :D
My Little Pony: Happy Holidays!
My sister and I decided to take some Valentines photos of our married/dating pony couples for the website. This one's nowhere near as extravagant as the Halloween and Christmas sets were, but we had fun. :)

Valentine's Day Photos!

Oh, and, er, no. I'm not insane. Honestly.
2nd-Dec-2005 08:31 pm - Christmas at Ponyland Press!
My Little Pony: Happy Holidays!
We have Christmas photos at Ponyland Press! Just click the link to see them. :)

Page 1 | Page 2

(And in case anybody missed the Halloween photos, they're still up over here. :)
6th-Oct-2005 01:34 pm - www.ponylandpress.com
My Little Pony: Baby Moondancer, My Little Pony
Ponyland Press is finally up! Still under construction in some places, yes, and we can't transfer the domain for another month -- but the site is available for viewing at last!

Also, our ponies are celebrating Halloween! Check out the photos here:

Whew. :) Now back to my homework.
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