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This? Is awesome.

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

LJ is really quiet these days, and I know at least for me, a big part of the reason I don't post much these days is because I don't really think people care about most of the stuff I want to post about. But as I said to roh_wyn, I'd much rather see people making lots of LJ posts about things they're passionate about, even if some of them don't especially interest me personally, than a silent LJ-world where everybody is too considerate to post anything at all.

I think this challenge is a great excuse to post about things you love posting about anyway, or things you always wanted to post about but couldn't find a good reason, or whatever. I really hope some of you guys will try it. I'd love to see more posts here! :)

I'm thinking of doing something like 100 Judeo-Christian Traditions (like, textual traditions, mostly Old/New Testament stuff, but probably some apocryphal stuff and folklore traditions too). Either that or 100 Black & White Horror Movie Picspams. XD
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it takes me way the hell too long to fill these things out

Last night, at like three in the morning, I suddenly woke up, opened my eyes, and thought: "Yes, that is the overwhelming question. What would Lazarus say? If one could come back from the dead, what would one say?"

That's right. Apparently, I was endeavoring to conduct a literary analysis of T. S. Eliot in my sleep.

And apparently symbolist poetry is the only thing my subconscious thinks should be interpreted in a literal, linear way. Go figure.

Anyhow. From hamsterwoman: Collapse )
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I've been failing tremendously at keeping up with LJ for the past couple of weeks, but I finally had the chance to skim back through my friends-list today, and I think I'm caught up on everything now. Whew!

Anyway, two things. First, I'm switching my journal to Friends Only, not for any dramatic, immediate reason, but because it just seems like the prudent thing to do, since I'm aiming for a career teaching high school. Better to hide the slash sooner than later, right? ;) I'm leaving most of my book-related posts public, though. And some of the My Little Pony ones, too.

Second... not that most people will care, but just so you know, if you're using Twitter exclusively instead of making actual LJ posts these days, then I've filtered you off of my friends list. I don't like using filters, since it seems rude to have someone on your friends list but not actually read their posts... but I'm not going to read Twitter imports. If you want to defriend me, it's okay.

Oh! And third, galarix, I got your card! :D Thank you!

Anyway, hopefully I'll have time for a more substantial post next week.