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Pope in his grotto
It's clever, but is it art?
(This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time.)
Batman: grrr
Been reading a lot of Batman comics lately. I didn't read many comic books when I was a kid, because the few that I picked up were so bad (apart from Sandman -- for a while I really thought Gaiman was the only good comic writer ever). But now that I have access to stuff that wasn't published circa 1960, the genre feels much more respectable, and really pretty awesome. :D

There will be lots of spoilers in here.

Hush by Jeph Loeb. Pretty, but not amazing.Collapse )

The Killing Joke by Alan Moore. Nice.Collapse )

Dark Victory by Jeph Loeb. Meh.Collapse )

Arkham Asylum by Grant Morrison. Holy shit, man.Collapse )

Batman: Year One by Frank Miller. Entirely excellent.Collapse )

The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. o_OCollapse )

Also, some thoughts on the comics versus The Dark Knight.Collapse )

I'm also reading Gabriel Garcia Marquéz's The General In His Labyrinth. So I haven't abandoned real literature or anything, I promise. ;) Oh, and if anyone is comparing this to my post about Watchmen -- well, Watchmen is better than any of these comics (bar maybe Arkham Asylum, which is like a whole different genre, anyway); I was just more critical of it because I had set such high standards. I appreciate it a lot more now that I've got in in proper perspective.
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